Top Golf Point System: How Does It Work?

Are you an avid golfer looking for a unique and exciting way to challenge your skills?  One of the key elements that sets TopGolf apart is its innovative point system, which adds a competitive twist to the game.

Topgolf has a point system that is based on accuracy and distance. Players score points by hitting microchipped golf balls into targets on the driving range. The closer the ball lands to the center of the target and the farther the distance, the more points are earned. There are multiple games that can be played using this point system, including Topgolf’s signature game.

In this article, we will dive into the Top Golf Point system, explore how it works, and tips for maximizing your points.

How Does the Top Golf Point System Work?

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The Topgolf point system is designed to reward players based on the accuracy and distance of their shots. Here’s a breakdown of how the Topgolf point system works:

Target Sections

The driving range at Topgolf is divided into multiple target sections. These sections are typically large, colored circles or nets located at various distances from the hitting bay. 

The specific layout and number of target sections can vary between Topgolf locations.

Point Values

Each target section has an assigned point value. The point values are typically displayed on screens or scoreboards at each bay, making it easy for players to see how many points they’ve earned. 

The values may range from 10 to 100 or more, depending on the Topgolf location and game format.

Ball Tracking Technology

Topgolf utilizes advanced ball tracking technology to measure the location and distance of each shot accurately. 

The balls used at Topgolf are embedded with microchips, which allow the system to track their movement and landing position precisely.

Scoring Calculation

When you hit a ball into a target section, the system calculates your score based on the point value of that section. 

The closer your shot lands to the center of the target, the higher your score will be within that section. 

For example, hitting near the outer edge of a 50-point section may earn you fewer points compared to landing near the center.

Multiplier Shots

To add an extra element of excitement, Topgolf incorporates multiplier shots into gameplay. 

These shots can be randomly assigned during the game or earned through specific challenges. 

When you hit a multiplier shot, the points you earn on that shot are multiplied by a designated factor, such as 2x or 3x. This can significantly boost your score for that particular shot.

Game Formats

Topgolf offers a variety of game formats to suit different preferences and skill levels. Each game format may have its own specific rules and scoring mechanics.

Some games focus on individual performance, while others encourage team play or competitive matchups. 

The point system may vary slightly depending on the chosen game format, but the core principle of earning points based on shot accuracy remains consistent.

How Do You Play And Score Points In Topgolf?


In Topgolf, a popular entertainment venue combining golf and socializing, players can score points based on their shots and where they land. 

Playing and scoring points in Topgolf involves the following steps:


Upon arrival at Topgolf, you will check in and be assigned a bay. A bay is a designated area with a hitting mat, golf clubs, and seating for your group.

Select a Game Format

Topgolf offers various game formats to choose from, depending on your preferences and the size of your group. Each game format has its own set of rules and scoring mechanics. 

Examples include Topgolf Classic, TopPressure, TopShot, and more. You can select the game format through the provided screens or with the assistance of a Topgolf staff member.

Hitting Shots

Once you’re in your assigned bay, you’ll take turns hitting shots at the target sections on the range. Each player will have their chance to hit multiple shots before rotating to the next player. 

You can use the provided golf clubs or bring your own if you prefer.

Aiming for Targets

The objective is to hit the golf balls into the various target sections located on the range. The target sections are color-coded, and each section has an assigned point value. 

Your goal is to aim for the targets and try to score as many points as possible.


Topgolf employs advanced ball tracking technology to measure the accuracy and distance of each shot. 

Microchipped balls are used, allowing the system to track where your shots land within the target sections precisely. 

The system calculates your score based on the point value of the target sections you hit and the accuracy of your shots.

Point Calculation

Your score is determined by the point values of the target sections you hit. The closer your shots land to the center of the target, the higher your score will be within that section. 

The exact scoring calculations may vary depending on the game format you selected, but the principle remains the same.

Multiplier Shots

In some game formats, there are multiplier shots that can enhance your score. These shots are randomly assigned or earned through specific challenges.

When you hit a multiplier shot, the points you earn on that shot are multiplied by a designated factor, such as 2x or 3x.

Tracking Progress

Throughout the game, you can track your progress and scores on the screens or scoreboards located in your bay. 

This allows you to see how you and your group are performing and adds to the excitement and competitiveness.

Enjoy the Experience

Topgolf provides a social and entertaining environment, so make sure to have fun, engage with your group, and enjoy the overall experience of playing together.

Tips for Maximizing Points in Top Golf


By implementing these tips, you can enhance your scoring potential and make the most of your Topgolf experience.

Experiment with different strategies and approaches to find what works best for you. To maximize your points in Topgolf, consider the following tips:

Aim for High-Scoring Sections

Focus on hitting shots that land in the high-scoring target sections. These sections typically have higher point values, such as the center or back areas of the targets. 

Aim for accuracy and try to consistently hit shots that land closer to the center of these sections to earn maximum points.

Use Target Bounce

Utilize the bounce of the target to your advantage. Instead of trying to hit the target directly, aim for the area just in front of it. 

This can allow your ball to bounce off the target and potentially roll back into a higher-scoring section. 

Experiment with different shot trajectories and angles to find the optimal bounce technique.

Take Advantage of Multiplier Shots

If your game format includes multiplier shots, prioritize hitting those shots whenever possible. Multiplier shots can significantly boost your score by multiplying the points earned on that particular shot. 

Pay attention to the game prompts or challenges that can grant you multiplier shots and capitalize on them.

Adjust for Wind and Distance

Take into account the wind conditions and the distance of each target section. Adjust your shot selection and club choice accordingly.

Strong winds can affect the trajectory and distance of your shots, so make necessary adaptations to ensure accuracy. 

Similarly, consider the distance of each target section and choose the appropriate club for optimal shot control.

Practice Shot Control

Work on developing shot control and consistency. Practice swinging smoothly and maintaining a balanced stance. 

This can help you achieve better accuracy and increase the chances of landing your shots in the desired target sections. 

Focus on the quality of your shots rather than solely on power.

Observe and Learn

Pay attention to other players who are scoring well and observe their techniques. Take note of their shot selection, swing mechanics, and strategies. 

Learning from experienced players or those who consistently score high can provide valuable insights and inspire your own approach.

Strategize with Your Group

If you’re playing with a group, strategize and collaborate to optimize your scoring. Consider taking turns strategically, such as having one player attempt higher-risk shots while others focus on consistent scoring. 

Coordinate your efforts to cover different target sections and maximize your collective points.

Stay Positive and Have Fun

Remember that Topgolf is meant to be a social and enjoyable experience. Keep a positive mindset, embrace the fun atmosphere, and focus on having a good time with your group. 

Relaxed and positive energy can often lead to better performance and higher scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to the game or curious about the scoring system at Top Golf, we have answers to common questions that will help you understand how points are earned.

How Are Points Calculated In Top Golf?

A: Points are calculated based on the distance from the target and the accuracy of the shot. The closer the shot lands to the center of the target, the more points are awarded.

What Are The Different Target Zones In Top Golf?

A: Top Golf features various target zones, including bullseyes and colored rings. Each zone carries a different point value, with the highest points awarded for hitting the center bullseye.

Can Players Compete Against Each Other In Top Golf Using The Point System?

Absolutely.  Top Golf is designed for social play and competition. Players can compete against each other by accumulating points and comparing their scores to determine the winner.

Are There Any Additional Bonuses Or Rewards In The Top Golf Point System?

Yes, Top Golf offers additional bonuses such as “Longest Drive” or “Closest to the Pin” competitions, where players can earn extra points or prizes for achieving specific feats during their game.

How Is The Top Golf Point System Beneficial For Beginners?

The point system in Top Golf adds an element of fun and motivation for beginners. It provides a clear scoring method, encourages improvement, and allows players to track their progress over time.


The Top Golf point system revolutionizes the way we approach golf. It brings together the joy of golfing with a competitive and social atmosphere. 

By understanding how the point system works, maximizing points, and debunking misconceptions, players can fully immerse themselves in this exciting golfing experience. 

So gather your friends, head to Top Golf, and let the points lead the way to a memorable golfing adventure.