TrackMan 4 vs GCQuad: Which Golf Launch Monitor Reigns Supreme?

Among the most popular golf launch monitor options are Trackman and GC Quad, both renowned for their ability to provide comprehensive data and insights. But which one is the better choice?

The main difference between TrackMan4 and GCQuad is their tracking technology; TrackMan uses dual-radar systems, while GCQuad relies on quadrascopic cameras. TrackMan is generally more accurate and preferred by pro golfers but is more expensive than GCQuad.

In this blog post, we will delve into the features, capabilities, and unique advantages of both Trackman and GC Quad, ultimately helping you make an informed decision for your golfing needs.

TrackMan4 vs GCQuad: What are the differences?

CriteriaTrackMan 4GCQuad
Accuracy and TrackingDual-radar system with OERTFour quadrascopic cameras
Club Data MeasurementMeasures at geometric centerMeasures at face of the club
Club Data MarkersNone requiredRetroreflective markers
Software and InterfaceTop-class softwareUser-friendly onboard display and modes
Customization and CompatibilityHighly customizable softwareMultiple modes catering to different aspects of game
Durability and LongevityLonger lifespan according to some usersHigh-quality, premium product designed for long-term use
Calibration and SetupStraightforward calibrationAuto-calibration and leveling detection
Space RequirementsHeight of >10ft and length of ~16ftLikely similar space requirements

Accuracy and Tracking

TrackMan 4 uses a dual-radar system combined with OERT (Optically Enhanced Radar Tracking) to track the full trajectory of the golf ball. 

This allows it to track the ball for its full flight, making it superior to GCQuad when it comes to ball flight data. 

GCQuad, on the other hand, relies on four quadrascopic cameras to capture club head and ball at the point of impact. 

This enables the GCQuad to provide more accurate club data, as TrackMan can’t see the clubface at impact.

Club Data Measurement

There are differences in how each system measures club data. GCQuad measures club head speed at the face of the club, while TrackMan measures it at the geometric center of the head. 

This may lead to discrepancies in club head speeds and smash factors, but both systems should provide similar ball speeds, spin numbers, and carry distances on good reads.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Both TrackMan and GCQuad can be used outdoors, but TrackMan may require a longer setup time compared to GCQuad. 

GCQuad also has an onboard display, allowing you to see instant shot readings and can be used outdoors as long as the weather isn’t too bad.

Club Data Markers

To identify club data, GCQuad uses retroreflective markers that are placed on the club face in predetermined locations. 

This helps the system to capture the most reliable and valid data from different club shapes and sizes.

Software and Interface

TrackMan is known for its top-class software, though it may have a slightly longer setup time than GCQuad. 

The GCQuad features four main modes, including play, compete, and improve modes, which add versatility to its use.

Ease of Use

The GCQuad is known for its user-friendly design, featuring an onboard display that provides instant shot readings and feedback. 

This makes it easy for golfers to quickly understand their performance metrics and make necessary adjustments on the fly. 

TrackMan, on the other hand, may have a slightly longer setup time, but once set up, it delivers comprehensive data analysis through its top-class software.

Professional Endorsements

Professional golfers and coaches use both TrackMan and GCQuad. TrackMan is the more popular choice among professional golfers on Tour. 

However, GCQuad is also endorsed by top golfers like Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau and is preferred by leading golf equipment manufacturers, such as Titleist and Cleveland.

Customization and Compatibility

Both TrackMan and GCQuad offer a range of customization options for golfers. 

TrackMan’s software provides a highly customizable experience, allowing golfers to tailor the system to their specific needs and preferences. 

GCQuad, on the other hand, offers multiple modes, such as play, compete, and improve modes, that cater to different aspects of a golfer’s game.

Durability and Longevity

When comparing the two systems, TrackMan is considered to have a longer lifespan than GCQuad, according to some users. 

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that both systems are high-quality, premium products designed for long-term use and performance improvement.

Calibration and Setup

The calibration process for both TrackMan and GCQuad is designed to be straightforward, ensuring the accuracy of the data collected. 

TrackMan 4 has an auto-leveling detection and offers calibration options depending on the available space, such as 15-18ft. 

GCQuad also has an auto-calibration feature, making it convenient for users to set up and get started quickly.

Space Requirements

Both TrackMan and GCQuad can be used in various settings, including indoor and outdoor environments. However, the space requirements for each system may differ. 

TrackMan typically requires a height of more than 10ft and a length of around 16ft, with 7ft between the TrackMan unit and the ball, and 9ft between the ball and the screen. 

GCQuad, while not explicitly mentioned, is likely to have similar space requirements.

Integration with Simulation Software

Both TrackMan and GCQuad can be integrated with golf simulation software, allowing users to practice and play virtually in various courses and conditions. 

TrackMan’s software is often praised for its class-leading features and detailed data analysis. 

GCQuad, on the other hand, offers compatibility with popular golf simulation software, enhancing the overall user experience and providing additional options for golfers to practice their game.

Use in Golf Fitting and Coaching

TrackMan and GCQuad are both valuable tools for golf fitting and coaching. TrackMan has an edge in fitting due to its ability to track the ball for its full flight, up to 400 yards, by using dual Doppler radars that measure ball data accurately. 

GCQuad is an excellent launch monitor for coaching, as it can provide data on how the club is delivered to the ball through its four perspective points.

GCQuad vs TrackMan 4: which golf launch monitor is better?

Determining which golf launch monitor is better between TrackMan and GCQuad depends on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

TrackMan is known for its full-ball flight tracking, professional endorsements, and advanced software. 

It is popular among professional golfers on Tour and is considered to have a longer lifespan than GCQuad. 

If you prioritize full-ball flight tracking, top-tier software, and the backing of professional golfers, TrackMan might be the better option for you.

On the other hand, GCQuad is more affordable, user-friendly, and provides accurate club data and versatile modes. 

If you are looking for a launch monitor that delivers precise club data, is more budget-friendly, and offers multiple modes to cater to different aspects of your game, GCQuad could be the better choice.


Can I use Trackman 4 and GC Quad indoors?

Yes, both Trackman 4 and GC Quad can be used indoors. They are designed to capture accurate data and provide valuable insights whether you’re practicing at an indoor facility or on an outdoor range.

Which launch monitor offers more data parameters to analyze?

Trackman 4 offers a comprehensive range of data parameters to analyze, including club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, and more. GC Quad also provides a wide array of data parameters for analysis, including club data, ball data, and even some clubhead tracking capabilities.

Is the Trackman 4 or GC Quad more suitable for professional golfers?

Both Trackman 4 and GC Quad are trusted by professional golfers and coaches worldwide. Professional golfers often appreciate the advanced accuracy and data provided by Trackman 4, while GC Quad’s portability and versatility can also be advantageous for on-the-go training or fitting sessions.

Can I use Trackman 4 or GC Quad for club fitting?

Yes, both Trackman 4 and GC Quad are widely used for club fitting. Their accurate measurements and extensive data allow fitters to assess club performance and make informed decisions to optimize a golfer’s equipment.

Are there any significant price differences between Trackman 4 and GC Quad?

Trackman 4 and GC Quad are both high-end golf launch monitors, and their prices reflect their advanced capabilities. However, the exact pricing can vary depending on the specific configurations, additional features, and any ongoing promotions. It’s best to check with authorized dealers or manufacturers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Can I connect Trackman 4 or GC Quad to a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, both Trackman 4 and GC Quad offer connectivity options for smartphones and tablets. They usually have dedicated apps or software that allow you to view and analyze your swing and shot data directly on your mobile device.

Which launch monitor is more suitable for use in a golf simulator setup?

Both Trackman 4 and GC Quad can be used in a golf simulator setup. They provide accurate data that can be utilized to create an immersive and realistic indoor golf experience. The choice may depend on your specific requirements, such as portability, installation ease, and integration capabilities with your chosen simulator software.

Can I use Trackman 4 or GC Quad for putting analysis?

While both Trackman 4 and GC Quad primarily focus on full-swing analysis, they do offer some putting-related data parameters. Trackman 4 provides insights into club and ball data during putting strokes, while GC Quad can capture certain aspects of the putting stroke, including clubhead data and ball launch information. However, it’s worth noting that there are specialized putting analysis systems available on the market for more comprehensive putting analysis.