What Is A Push In Golf: Causes And Corrections

Whether you’re an avid golfer or a curious newcomer to the world of golf, understanding what a “push” is and its impact on the game can elevate your experience and performance on the course. 

In golf, a “push” refers to a shot that flies relatively straight but deviates to the right of the target for a right-handed golfer (left for a left-handed golfer). It is a ball flight error caused by an outward swing path at impact.

In this blog post, we’ll deep dive into the concept of a “push” in golf and unravel its secrets to help you up your game.

How To Stop Pushing The Golf Ball?

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Pushing the golf ball can be a frustrating experience for any golfer. It’s a shot that travels low and to the right of your target (for right-handed golfers). 

But what causes this problem, and how can you fix it? Here we’ll explore the common causes of pushing the golf ball and provide some effective fixes to help you straighten out your shots.


Your grip is one of the most important factors in your golf swing. If your grip is too weak or too strong, it can cause you to push the ball. To fix this issue, check your grip and make sure it’s neutral. 

Your left hand should be on top of the club with your thumb pointing down the shaft. Your right hand should be underneath the club with your thumb pointing down the shaft.


Alignment is another key factor in your golf swing. If you’re lined up too far to the right of your target, it can cause you to push the ball.

To fix this issue, check your alignment and make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are all aimed at your target.

Weight Shift

A proper weight shift is essential for a good golf swing. If you’re not shifting your weight properly, it can cause you to push the ball.

To fix this issue, focus on transferring your weight to your left side on your downswing. This will help you square up the clubface and hit straighter shots.

Swing Path

Your swing path is the path that your clubhead follows during your swing. If your swing path is too much to the right (for right-handed golfers), it can cause you to push the ball. 

To fix this issue, focus on swinging more from the inside and try to keep your clubhead on a straighter path through impact.

Clubface Angle

The angle of your clubface at impact is another important factor in your golf swing. If your clubface is open (pointing to the right) at impact, it can cause you to push the ball. 

To fix this issue, focus on squaring up your clubface at impact by rotating your forearms through the shot.

Drills And Exercises To Correct A Push On Golf

Struggling with a push in your golf game? Don’t worry, it’s a common problem. The ball veers right (for right-handed players) instead of going straight.

But with the right drills, you can fix it. Here are some effective exercises to correct a push on the golf course.

Alignment Drill

Proper alignment is crucial for a straight shot. Set up two alignment sticks or clubs on the ground, one pointing at your target and the other parallel to your target line. 

Position your feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to the line. Practice hitting shots while ensuring your clubface is square to the target line.

Weight Transfer Drill

A common cause of a push is a lack of weight transfer during the swing. To address this, practice shifting your weight to your front foot as you initiate the downswing. 

Start with slow swings and gradually increase your speed while maintaining a balanced weight transfer. This drill helps promote a proper release of the clubhead and prevents the ball from drifting to the right.

Swing Path Drill

The path of your club during the swing greatly influences the ball’s direction. To correct a push, focus on an inside-to-out swing path. Use alignment sticks or clubs to create a visual guide. 

Place one stick outside and parallel to your target line, and another stick inside your target line. Practice swinging the club along the inside path, feeling the clubhead move closer to your body on the downswing.

Strengthen Your Core

A strong core is vital for generating power and maintaining stability during the swing. Incorporate exercises like planks, Russian twists, and medicine ball rotations into your fitness routine to strengthen your core muscles. 

A stable and powerful core helps you maintain control over your swing, reducing the chances of a push.

Grip Check Drill

A faulty grip can contribute to a push. Ensure your grip is neutral, neither too strong nor too weak. Check the position of your hands on the club and make adjustments if necessary. 

Practice hitting shots with a correct grip, focusing on maintaining control and a square clubface at impact.

Visualize Your Target

Mental imagery plays a crucial role in golf. Before each shot, visualize your target line and imagine the ball flying straight towards it. This helps program your mind and body to execute a straighter shot. 

Take a moment to visualize your intended target, and then step up to the ball with confidence.

Slow Motion Swings

Sometimes, a push can be caused by a rushed or jerky swing. Slow-motion swings help you focus on your mechanics and improve your timing. Practice making smooth, controlled swings while maintaining proper alignment and a square clubface. 

Gradually increase your speed while ensuring your movements remain fluid and synchronized.

Frequently Asked Questions

A push in golf is when the ball goes straight to the right of the target for right-handed players. It occurs when the clubface is open at impact, causing the ball to start right and continue on that path. Here are some commonly asked questions about the push shot, answered briefly.

How Can I Fix A Push In My Golf Swing?

To correct a push, focus on ensuring your clubface is square at impact. Work on improving your grip, body alignment, and swing path. Practicing with a teaching professional can help you identify and rectify any issues in your technique.

Is A Push The Same As A Slice?

No, a push and a slice are different shot shapes. A push moves the ball straight to the right of the target, while a slice curves from left to right (for right-handed players). Both shots indicate a problem with the clubface’s alignment at impact.

Can Equipment Affect A Push In Golf?

Yes, equipment can contribute to a push. Using a driver or irons with a low offset or a closed clubface at address may help reduce the likelihood of hitting a push. However, it is important to address the underlying swing mechanics as well.

Are There Any Drills To Correct A Push?

Several drills can assist in fixing a push. One popular drill involves placing an alignment stick or club on the ground to help guide your swing path. Practicing with alignment aids and receiving feedback from a professional can be highly beneficial in correcting the push shot.


A push in golf occurs when the golfer unintentionally pushes the ball to the right (for right-handed golfers). It is caused by an improper swing path or incorrect body positioning. 

To avoid a push, focus on a proper swing plane and ensure your body alignment is correct. Practice and consistency are key for improvement.