Anthony Kim WITB 2023: Inside the Golf Bag of a Champion

Anthony Kim was one of the most talented golfers of his generation, and during his time on the PGA Tour, he became known for his unique style and aggressive play.

While he hasn’t played competitive golf in several years, many golf fans still remember him fondly and are curious about what equipment he used during his heyday.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look inside Anthony Kim’s golf bag and explore the clubs, balls, and other gear that helped him become one of the most exciting players on tour.

About Anthony Kim’s Career

Anthony Kim

Born on June 19, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, Anthony Kim displayed a natural talent for golf from a young age. 

After a successful amateur career that included being named an All-American at the University of Oklahoma, Kim turned professional in 2006.

 It didn’t take long for him to make a splash on the PGA Tour, as he quickly became known for his aggressive style and powerful swing.

Major Trophies and Achievements

Kim’s first PGA Tour victory came in 2008 at the Wachovia Championship, where he defeated the field by a remarkable five strokes. 

This victory catapulted him into the spotlight, and he soon followed it up with another win at the AT&T National later that same year. 

In 2009, he claimed third place at the PGA Championship, marking his highest finish in a major championship.

However, one of Kim’s most memorable achievements came during the 2008 Ryder Cup. As part of the victorious U.S. team, he played a crucial role in ending Europe’s streak of three consecutive wins. 

Kim’s impressive 2&1 victory over Sergio Garcia in the singles matches showcased his exceptional skill and competitive spirit.

Despite his successes, Kim’s career was unfortunately plagued by injuries. He underwent multiple surgeries on his thumb, forearm, and Achilles tendon, which kept him sidelined for extended periods. 

While Kim has not been active on the PGA Tour since 2012, his incredible talent and passion for the game continue to inspire golfers around the world.

Anthony Kim WITB: What’s In Anthony Kim’s Golf Bag?


Anthony Kim was a talented golfer known for his impressive skills on the greens. His success on the course can be attributed in part to the top-notch equipment he used. 

Let’s take a closer look at the gear that helped Anthony Kim reach the top of his game.

  • Driver: Nike VR Pro LTD (9.5 degrees @10) Shaft: UST AxivCore Tour Black 79 X
  • 3-wood: Nike SQ Sumo2 (13 degrees) Shaft: UST AxivCore Tour Black 89 X
  • Hybrid: Nike SQ Sumo2 (18 degrees) Shaft: UST AxivCore Tour Black 100 X
  • Irons (3-PW): Nike VR Pro Blades Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold X100
  • Wedges: Nike VR Pro (54 and 60 degrees) Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold S400
  • Putter: Scotty Cameron by Titleist Studio Select Newport 2
  • Grips: Golf Pride BCT 60R Logo Down

Note: Keep in mind that this information is from a past event, and the specific equipment in Anthony Kim’s golf bag may have changed since then.

Anthony Kim’s Driver: Nike VR Pro LTD 9.5

The Nike VR Pro LTD 9.5 driver was a staple in Anthony Kim’s bag during his prime. 

The club featured Nike’s Variable Compression Channel technology, which allowed for increased ball speeds across the entire clubface, resulting in greater distance and accuracy. 

The 9.5-degree loft and adjustable hosel also offered Kim optimal launch conditions and the ability to fine-tune his shot shape based on course conditions.

This driver’s pear-shaped head design and traditional look appealed to Kim’s eye, giving him the confidence to attack the golf course with his aggressive playing style.

Over the years, the Nike VR Pro LTD 9.5 driver has been instrumental in Kim’s ability to outdrive his competition, setting him up for shorter approach shots and improved scoring opportunities.

Anthony Kim’s 3-wood: Nike VR Pro LTD 15

Anthony Kim’s 3-wood of choice was the Nike VR Pro LTD 15. This club was designed with a compact head and lower profile, making it easier to hit off the fairway and out of various lies. 

The club’s responsive face and low spin characteristics allowed Kim to launch the ball high with a penetrating ball flight, maximizing his carry distance and control.

The 3-wood was particularly useful for Kim in tight driving situations or when he needed a reliable club to hit off the tee on shorter par-4s.

The consistent performance and versatility of the Nike VR Pro LTD 15 allowed Kim to strategically position his ball on the fairway, setting him up for optimal approach shots into the green.

Anthony Kim’s 5-wood: Nike VR Pro LTD 19

For his 5-wood, Anthony Kim opted for the Nike VR Pro LTD 19. This club provided him with a perfect blend of distance and control, particularly when hitting into long par-3s or attacking par-5s in two. 

The 19-degree loft allowed for a high trajectory and soft landing, giving Kim the ability to hold firm and fast greens when necessary.

The compact head and lower profile of the VR Pro LTD series translated well into the 5-wood, making it easy for Kim to launch the ball from various lies and situations. 

With its consistent performance and workability, the Nike VR Pro LTD 19 played a crucial role in Kim’s success by helping him navigate some of the most challenging holes on the PGA Tour.

Anthony Kim’s Irons: Nike VR Pro Split CB and Nike VR Pro MB

Anthony Kim’s Irons

Anthony Kim’s iron setup consisted of a combination of the Nike VR Pro Split Cavity Back (CB) and Muscle Back (MB) irons. 

The Split CB irons provided the perfect blend of forgiveness and playability, with perimeter weighting for improved stability on off-center hits.

 This allowed Kim to maintain accuracy and distance control even when he didn’t strike the ball perfectly.

The Nike VR Pro MB irons were designed with the advanced golfer in mind, offering exceptional feel and workability. 

Kim favored these irons for their classic blade design and pure feedback, which helped him shape shots and control trajectories with ease. 

The combination of CB and MB irons in his set allowed him to optimize performance based on his preferences and the course’s demands.

Anthony Kim’s Wedges: Nike VR Pro “MT Grind”

Anthony Kim’s wedges were Nike VR Pro “MT Grind” models, specifically designed to provide a high level of versatility around the greens. 

The “MT Grind” stood for “Mid-Track,” referring to the grind’s position on the sole of the club. 

This feature allowed Kim to open or close the clubface without altering the bounce, providing him with a wide variety of shot options.

These wedges were also known for their precision-milled grooves, which increased spin and control on short shots.

 Kim’s exceptional short-game skills were undoubtedly supported by the performance of his Nike VR Pro “MT Grind” wedges, allowing him to save strokes around the green and remain competitive in some of golf’s toughest events.

Anthony Kim’s Putter: Scotty Cameron “Button Back” Newport 2 and Nike Method

Throughout his career, Anthony Kim alternated between two putters: the Scotty Cameron “Button Back” Newport 2 and the Nike Method. 

The Scotty Cameron putter featured a classic Anser-style blade design with a unique “button back” insert that combined soft elastomer and milled stainless steel to provide a smooth and responsive feel.

This putter’s precise balance and consistent roll contributed to Kim’s success on the greens.

The Nike Method putter was known for its innovative groove technology, which reduced skidding and improved the initial roll of the ball. 

This putter offered Kim exceptional distance control and accuracy, particularly on fast and challenging greens. 

Both putters played an important role in Kim’s career, allowing him to sink crucial putts under pressure and secure victories on golf’s biggest stages.

Anthony Kim’s Grips: Golf Pride BCT 60R Logo Down

Anthony Kim’s choice of grips was the Golf Pride BCT 60R, installed logo down. 

These grips were known for their consistent performance and durability, offering a soft and tacky feel that provided excellent control and feedback. 

By installing the grips logo down, Kim was able to maintain a clean and simple look at the address, which helped him focus on executing his shots without any visual distractions.


Anthony Kim’s equipment choices were an integral part of his success on the PGA Tour. 

From his powerful driver to his precision putters, each club in his bag played a specific role in his game, allowing him to excel in every aspect of golf.

While Kim’s career was cut short due to injuries, his remarkable talent and carefully selected gear will always be remembered in the golf world.