How To Make A 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster?

Excitement on the fairway is a given, but who said it should stop there? Let’s amp up that thrill with a speedier golf cart ride. You’ve got your trusty 36-volt golf cart, and you’re wondering how to kick its pace up a notch.

Boosting your golf cart’s speed can be as simple as checking tire pressure, upgrading motor and controller or even tweaking the gear ratio for better performance.

Ready to leave everyone in the dust at the clubhouse? Stick around! We have some nifty tips and tricks that will get your golf cart zipping down those pathways faster than ever before. Prepare for an exhilarating ride!

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrade your golf cart’s motor and controller for improved speed.
  • Optimize the battery system to deliver more power and increase velocity.
  • Consider installing larger tires to enhance acceleration and overall performance.
  • Regularly maintain and tune-up your golf cart to ensure optimal speed capabilities.

Increase the Speed of Your 36 Volt Golf Cart

If you’re looking to increase the speed of your 36 volt golf cart, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dig deeper into some effective ways to boost your golf cart’s speed and enhance your overall experience on the course.

Upgrade Your Batteries

One of the key factors that affect a golf cart’s speed is its batteries. By upgrading to high-performance batteries with higher voltage or amp-hour ratings, you can significantly improve your cart’s acceleration and top speed.

Optimize Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure plays a crucial role in maximizing your golf cart’s performance. Ensure that all tires are inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal traction and reduced rolling resistance, which can help increase speed.

Check Motor Performance

The condition of your motor directly impacts how fast your golf cart can go. Regularly inspect and maintain your motor by cleaning it, lubricating moving parts, and checking for any signs of wear or damage that may be affecting its efficiency.

Adjust Governor Settings

Many 36-volt golf carts come equipped with a governor that limits their top speed as a safety measure. However, adjusting this setting can allow for faster speeds within safe limits. Consult your owner’s manual or seek professional assistance to make this adjustment correctly.

Reduce Weight

Just like any vehicle, excess weight can slow down a golf cart. Remove unnecessary items from storage compartments or seating areas to lighten the load and improve acceleration and top speed.

Choose the Right Motor for a Faster Golf Cart

Are you looking to give your golf cart an extra boost of speed? Choosing the right motor is key to achieving that desired acceleration on the greens. Let’s dig deeper into what aspects you should consider when selecting a motor for your golf cart.

Power Output

The power output of the motor determines how fast your golf cart can go. Higher wattage motors generally offer greater speed and torque, allowing you to zip across the course with ease. Assessing your specific needs and preferences will help you determine the ideal power output for your golf cart.


Another crucial factor in choosing a motor is voltage. Higher voltage motors typically provide more power, resulting in increased speed. However, it’s important to ensure that your golf cart’s battery system can handle the chosen voltage without causing any damage or safety risks.


Opting for an efficient motor not only helps conserve energy but also enhances performance. Look for motors with high efficiency ratings as they will allow your golf cart to cover longer distances while maintaining its top speed.


Golf carts are subjected to various terrains and conditions, so durability is paramount when selecting a motor. Consider factors such as weather resistance, heat dissipation capabilities, and overall build quality to ensure that your chosen motor can withstand prolonged use without compromising its performance.

Upgrade Your Battery to Boost Performance

Is your device running slow? Are you tired of constantly searching for a charging outlet? It’s time to upgrade your battery and give your device the boost it deserves.

Here are the reasons why upgrading your battery can significantly improve performance:

Longer-lasting power

Upgrading to a higher capacity battery means more hours of uninterrupted usage. No more interruptions during important tasks or entertainment sessions.

Faster charging

A new battery with advanced technology can charge faster, saving you valuable time in today’s fast-paced world. Say goodbye to lengthy charging times and hello to quick power-ups.

Enhanced efficiency

An upgraded battery ensures that your device operates at optimal levels, preventing lagging or freezing issues. Enjoy smoother multitasking and seamless app switching without any hiccups.

Extended lifespan

Over time, batteries tend to lose their capacity, resulting in shorter usage times. By upgrading, you can extend the lifespan of your device and avoid premature replacements.

To dig deeper into how an upgraded battery can benefit you, let’s explore the following aspects:

– Compatibility: Ensure that the upgraded battery is compatible with your specific device model for seamless integration.
– Quality assurance: Opt for reputable brands known for producing reliable batteries that undergo rigorous testing.
– Installation process: Depending on the device type, consider whether professional assistance is required for a safe and hassle-free installation.

Optimize the Controller for Enhanced Speed

If you’re looking to improve the speed of your controller, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we will explore various ways to optimize your controller and boost its performance. Let’s get started!

1. Minimize unnecessary code:

One of the key factors that can slow down your controller is having too much unnecessary code. Take some time to review your codebase and eliminate any redundant or unused functions, variables, or libraries.

2. Implement caching:

Caching can significantly enhance the speed of your controller by storing frequently accessed data in memory. Consider implementing a caching mechanism such as Redis or Memcached to reduce database queries and improve response times.

3. Optimize database queries:

Slow database queries can be a major bottleneck in your application’s performance. Make sure to analyze and optimize your SQL queries by using proper indexing, avoiding excessive joins, and minimizing data retrieval.

4. Use asynchronous processing:

By leveraging asynchronous processing techniques like background jobs or queues, you can offload time-consuming tasks from your main controller flow. This approach allows for faster response times as it enables concurrent execution of multiple tasks.

Implement Aerodynamic Modifications for Increased Velocity

Looking to boost your vehicle’s speed and performance? Implementing aerodynamic modifications can be the key to achieving increased velocity. Let’s dig deeper into how these modifications can make a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance.

Reduce Drag

One of the primary goals of aerodynamic modifications is to minimize drag, which is the resistance that slows down your vehicle as it moves through the air. By optimizing the shape of your car or adding features like spoilers and diffusers, you can significantly reduce drag and improve its overall efficiency.

Airflow Management

Another crucial aspect of maximizing velocity is managing airflow effectively. Ensuring smooth airflow around your vehicle helps reduce turbulence and pressure build-up, enabling it to slice through the air with less resistance. Upgrading components such as grilles, side skirts, and underbody panels can enhance this airflow management.

Increase Downforce

While reducing drag is essential for higher speeds on straightaways, increasing downforce becomes crucial during cornering or at high speeds when stability is paramount. Aerodynamic modifications like wings or splitters generate additional downward force on specific parts of your vehicle, improving traction and maneuverability.

Better Cooling

High-speed driving puts immense stress on a vehicle’s engine and brakes, leading to overheating issues if not managed properly. Implementing aerodynamic enhancements like vents or ducts allows for more efficient cooling by directing airflow precisely where it’s needed most.


Q: What are some ways to increase the speed of a 36 volt golf cart?

A: One way to make a 36 volt golf cart faster is by upgrading the battery pack to higher voltage batteries. Additionally, installing a high-performance motor can also help increase speed and acceleration.

Q: Can adjusting the gear ratio make a 36 volt golf cart faster?

A: Yes, changing the gear ratio can improve the speed of a 36 volt golf cart. By increasing the size of the driven gear or decreasing the size of the drive gear, you can achieve a higher top speed.

Q: Is it possible to reprogram the controller for more speed on a 36 volt golf cart?

A: Yes, reprogramming or upgrading the controller can enhance performance and increase speed in a 36 volt golf cart. This allows for better control over power delivery and motor performance.

Q: How effective are aerodynamic modifications in making a 36 volt golf cart faster?

A: While aerodynamic modifications may not have as significant an impact on overall speed in comparison to other upgrades like battery or motor changes, they can still provide marginal improvements by reducing drag and improving efficiency.