Is Oversized Persimmon Driver Still Trendy? Unveiling The Timeless Charm!

Golf trends change, but timeless charm endures. The Oversized Persimmon Driver stands out with rich tones, a distinct feel, and a special place in golfers’ hearts. But, is the Oversized Persimmon Driver still trendy? 

No, oversized persimmon drivers are not considered trendy in modern golf. They were more popular in the past, but the trend has shifted towards larger club heads and modern materials like titanium.

So, buckle up as we embark on this journey, exploring deeper into the oversized persimmon driver, comparing it with modern drivers, and discerning who should wield this beautiful club.

Why professional golfers don’t recommend oversized persimmon drivers?

Oversized persimmon drivers were popular golf clubs in the past but have been largely replaced by modern titanium drivers. 

Persimmon refers to the type of wood used to make the clubhead, which was commonly used before the advent of metal clubheads.

That being said, it’s important to note that they are generally not recommended by pro golfers for competitive play or even recreational golf today. Here’s why:

Technological advancements

Titanium and other modern materials used in drivers offer superior performance, forgiveness, and distance compared to persimmon. 

The oversized clubheads of today’s drivers have larger sweet spots, allowing for more forgiving shots and greater distance potential.

Accuracy and consistency

Modern drivers have been engineered to be more forgiving on off-center hits. 

This helps golfers maintain accuracy and consistency, especially for players with varying swing speeds. 

Oversized persimmon drivers, on the other hand, have smaller sweet spots and are less forgiving, making it more challenging to achieve consistent results.

Increased control

Modern drivers also offer adjustable features such as loft, lie angle, and center of gravity. 

These features allow golfers to fine-tune their shots to optimize distance, trajectory and shot shape. 

Persimmon drivers lack these adjustability options, limiting the golfer’s ability to optimize their game.

Persimmon Driver Vs Modern Driver: Quick comparison 

Let’s compare the characteristics of the traditional Persimmon Driver and the Modern Driver to help you understand their differences and unique aspects.

FactorsPersimmon DriverModern Driver
MaterialMade from Persimmon woodMay reduce distance due to smaller head size, but can increase roll distance 
SizeSmaller heads, roughly 190cc Larger heads, typically up to 460cc
AccuracyEnhanced accuracy, due to smaller head size Accuracy can vary, larger sweet spot aids off-center hits
DistanceSlower swing speed due to a heavier, shorter shaft Designed for maximum distance and power
Shaft LengthGenerally shorter shafts, around 43″ Generally longer shafts, often up to 45.5″ or more
Shaft MaterialTypically steelTypically composite materials, such as graphite
Swing SpeedFaster swing speed due to the lighter, longer shaftLower tee, more towards the middle stance 
Tee PositionLower tee, more towards middle stance Higher tee, forward towards left toe (for right-handed players)
VersatilityOpens up a multitude of courses and styles of play More adaptable to varied course conditions

Persimmon Drivers and Modern Drivers each have their distinct strengths and challenges. Here’s a quick comparison to provide a clearer perspective.


Persimmon drivers are traditionally handcrafted with a beautiful wooden finish, whereas modern drivers feature high-tech materials and cutting-edge designs.


Modern drivers generally offer larger sweet spots and more forgiveness. However, a well-struck shot with a persimmon driver can match the distance and accuracy of any modern club.

Feel and Sound

Persimmon drivers have a unique feel and a distinct sound at impact that is quite different from modern metal drivers, providing a sensory experience that many golfers appreciate.

Why were oversized persimmon drivers trendy?

Is oversized persimmon driver still trendy

Oversized persimmon drivers, also known as “Big Sticks,” were trendy among golfers in the past, particularly during the late 20th century. 

These drivers were made of persimmon wood, a material that was commonly used before the introduction of modern metal and composite clubheads.

The trendiness of oversized persimmon drivers can be attributed to a few factors:

Nostalgia and Tradition

The use of oversized persimmon drivers harks back to the early days of golf when wooden clubs were the norm. 

Many golfers appreciate the nostalgic and traditional feel associated with using persimmon drivers.

Accuracy and Control

Oversized persimmon drivers, with their smaller clubhead size compared to modern drivers, place a premium on accuracy. 

The reduced head size can help golfers focus on hitting shots with greater precision and control.

Natural Gear Effect

Persimmon drivers can leverage the natural “Gear Effect” phenomenon, where off-center hits are corrected by the design of the clubhead, resulting in shots that fly relatively straighter. 

This can contribute to greater accuracy and forgiveness compared to modern drivers.

Unique Sound and Feel

The distinctive sound and feel produced by striking a ball with an oversized persimmon driver add to the allure of using this club. 

Many golfers appreciate the traditional sound and solid feedback that comes from hitting shots with persimmon drivers.

Increasing Interest in Classic Courses

As golfers explore classic golf courses, the use of oversized persimmon drivers provides a more authentic and fitting experience. 

These drivers are seen as better suited for playing on traditional courses, allowing golfers to adapt to the challenges posed by these layouts.

Endorsements by Golf Legends

The advocacy for the reintroduction of persimmon drivers by golf legends such as Tony Jacklin and Tiger Woods has contributed to the ongoing trendiness. 

Their endorsements highlight the potential benefits and appeal of using oversized persimmon drivers.

Unique Customization Options

Golfers can customize their oversized persimmon drivers, choosing from various models and brands available in the market. 

This allows them to find a driver that best suits their swing and preferences.

Who Should Use Oversized Persimmon Drivers?

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Oversized Persimmon Drivers represent a bridge between the rich traditions of golf and the modern era. But who should be wielding these charming clubs? The answer may surprise you!

Oversized persimmon drivers are primarily recommended for golfers who fall into the following categories:


Oversized persimmon drivers can be beneficial for beginner golfers who are still developing their swing and accuracy. 

The larger head size of these drivers provides a larger sweet spot, making it easier to make contact with the ball and achieve more forgiving shots. 

They can help beginners gain confidence and improve their overall game.

Mid to High Handicappers

Golfers with mid to high handicaps, who may struggle with consistency and accuracy, can also benefit from using oversized persimmon drivers. 

The larger clubhead size increases the margin for error and enhances forgiveness on off-center hits. 

This can result in more consistent and straighter shots, helping golfers improve their overall performance.

Golf Enthusiasts and Collectors

Oversized persimmon drivers hold a special appeal for golf enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the nostalgic and traditional aspects of the game. 

These individuals may use oversized persimmon drivers to experience the feel and aesthetics associated with classic wooden clubs, embracing the heritage and history of the sport.


In this section, we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions related to the oversized persimmon driver. Let’s dive in!

Are oversized persimmon drivers suitable for beginners?

While these drivers can be more challenging to master, they could be suitable for beginners who appreciate their aesthetic and want to develop precise striking skills.

How to maintain a persimmon driver?

Regular cleaning, avoiding extreme temperatures, and occasionally using linseed oil can help maintain the driver’s look and functionality.

Where can I buy an oversized persimmon driver?

Authentic persimmon drivers can be purchased from specialized retailers, online marketplaces, or second-hand from vintage equipment dealers.

Are persimmon drivers expensive?

Given their craftsmanship and rarity, persimmon drivers can be more expensive than standard modern drivers.

Can I use persimmon drivers in official tournaments?

Yes, persimmon drivers are permitted in tournaments, although most professionals opt for modern drivers due to their performance benefits.

Final Words

In the end, the choice between an oversized persimmon driver and a modern driver comes down to personal preference. 

If you value aesthetic appeal, nostalgia, and a unique golfing experience, the timeless charm of the oversized persimmon driver remains an excellent choice.