Justin Leonard WITB: Unpacking the Bag of a Golfing Prodigy

The golfing world is home to several prodigies, but few shine as bright as Justin Leonard. Iconic victories and strategic plays have defined a stalwart of precision and tenacity, Leonard’s extraordinary career. But what truly empowers this golfing maestro on the green?

Discover Justin Leonard’s mesmerizing WITB, unveiling premium golf equipment. Unraveling his WITB is akin to deciphering a chess grandmaster’s strategies, where each equipment piece carries significance and contributes to his triumphs.

Delve into his WITB to uncover the genius behind his game, from strategic equipment choices that align with his style of play to the factors driving his ongoing success.

About Justin Leonard

Justin Leonard

Born in 1972, Justin Leonard is a celebrated figure in the golfing realm. An American professional golfer, Leonard emerged in the public eye with his victory at the 1992 U.S. Amateur Championship. 

His professional career took flight in 1994, which saw him making steady progress on the PGA Tour. 

It was in 1997 that Leonard’s name was etched in gold as he won his first and only major championship – The Open Championship – earning him global recognition.

Over his career, Leonard’s skill and resolve have awarded him 12 PGA Tour titles, including the prestigious Players Championship in 1998. He was also a critical part of several U.S Ryder Cup teams, delivering unforgettable performances that contributed to multiple U.S victories.

From his early triumph at the U.S. Amateur Championship to his stellar professional journey, Justin Leonard’s golfing voyage is a testament to his talent, perseverance, and his carefully selected equipment.

Justin Leonard WITB: A Breakdown of His Golf Equipment

Justin Leonard WITB

Justin Leonard’s success is a blend of raw skill, strategic thinking, and quality equipment. Let’s explore the golfing tools that Justin Leonard carries in his bag:

  • Driver: TaylorMade R9 SuperTri
  • Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Burner
  • Irons: Mizuno MP-32
  • Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design
  • Putter: Odyssey White Hot 2
  • Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Note: Keep in mind that this information is from a past event, and the specific equipment in Justin Leonard’s golf bag may have changed since then.

Justin Leonard’s Driver: TaylorMade R9 SuperTri

Justin Leonard’s driver of choice, the TaylorMade R9 SuperTri, is emblematic of his strategic playing style. 

This driver is the first in TaylorMade’s R9 family to have a 460cc head, offering a larger hitting area and boosting confidence off the tee. 

The significant size, coupled with a deep face, not only increases forgiveness but also contributes to a higher moment of inertia (MOI), ensuring improved stability during off-center hits. 

The R9 SuperTri driver also employs TaylorMade’s renowned Flight Control Technology (FCT). This technology allows Leonard to adjust the clubhead’s face angle, loft, and lie to his preference. 

This level of customization gives Leonard the ability to shape his drives based on various course conditions and his current swing tendencies. 

With its Moveable Weight Technology, the R9 SuperTri lets Leonard fine-tune his ball flight for optimal trajectory and shot shape, further highlighting the degree of control this driver offers.

The weight cartridges can be interchanged to promote a neutral, draw, or fade bias, providing Leonard with a tool tailored to his game’s demands. 

Justin Leonard’s Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Burner

When it comes to fairway woods, Leonard chooses the TaylorMade Burner. 

These fairway woods are designed to offer golfers exceptional distance without compromising on accuracy – a combination that complements Leonard’s strategic and calculated style of play perfectly.

The Burner fairway woods feature an improved Speed Pocket design that provides a higher launch and greater ball speed.

This translates into longer and more accurate fairway shots, both essential aspects of Leonard’s game. 

The club’s low and forward center of gravity also aids in reducing spin and increasing the launch angle, making it an effective weapon for Leonard when tackling the fairway’s various challenges.

Moreover, the Burner’s large head size and high MOI contribute to its stability and forgiveness.

The club’s unique design minimizes the impact of mis-hits, offering Leonard the assurance of a consistent performance even under high-pressure tournament scenarios. 

The flexibility of the Speed Pocket, combined with the fairway wood’s sleek design, offers Leonard a superior tool that bolsters his performance from the fairway and the tee.

Justin Leonard’s Irons: Mizuno MP-32

image 60

Leonard’s irons are the Mizuno MP-32s, which are specially designed to deliver an exceptional feel and a high level of workability. 

These irons feature a classic cut muscle design that ensures optimal center of gravity placement, promoting controlled shots and consistent distance, fitting seamlessly into Leonard’s precise and measured playing approach.

The MP-32 irons employ Grain Flow Forging, a process unique to Mizuno, which enhances the club’s consistency and feel. 

The process allows for a more uniform grain structure in the metal, resulting in superior feel and feedback, qualities that Leonard values when it comes to his iron play. 

The club’s compact and classic profile, along with the modified U-grooves, offers Leonard the flexibility to shape his shots, a trait that distinguishes him on the course. 

The precision of these irons, along with their predictable ball flight, perfectly complements Leonard’s game, providing him with the control necessary for effective approach shots.

Justin Leonard’s Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design

Justin Leonard entrusts his short game to the Titleist Vokey Design wedges. These wedges have earned their place in Leonard’s bag due to their unparalleled spin control, shot versatility, and wide range of bounce and grind options.

The Vokey Design wedges feature Spin Milled technology, providing Leonard with superior spin control, especially in challenging green-side scenarios. 

The technology employs a high-precision process of cutting grooves into the face of the wedge to increase spin and control. 

These wedges also provide a wide range of loft, bounce, and grind options. This flexibility allows Leonard to choose the right wedge for the right situation, whether it’s hitting out of the bunker, attacking a pin tucked behind a hazard, or executing a tight chip shot around the green. 

This level of versatility is a testament to Leonard’s short-game prowess and his strategic approach on the course.

Justin Leonard’s Putter: Odyssey White Hot 2

Justin Leonard’s choice of the putter, the Odyssey White Hot 2, is indicative of his exceptional finesse on the greens.

Renowned for its consistent feel and responsive feedback, this putter enables Leonard to maintain a solid stroke, a factor that has significantly contributed to his many iconic putts.

The Odyssey White Hot 2 features a face insert engineered with a dual-layer injection molding process.

The outer layer is firmer for feel and responsiveness, while the inner layer is softer for speed control and enhanced feel. 

This blend of characteristics ensures a consistent roll, a trait that Leonard values in his putting game.

In addition, the putter has an alignment aid that improves accuracy, and its heel/toe weighting further enhances forgiveness and response on off-center hits. 

Leonard’s use of the White Hot 2 exhibits his acumen for choosing the right tools for his craft and his dedication to mastering the greens.

Justin Leonard’s Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1

Justin Leonard’s choice of the golf ball, the Titleist Pro V1, offers the perfect culmination of his golfing gear.

Known for its exceptional distance, consistent flight, and low long-game spin, the Pro V1 is engineered for total performance and suits Leonard’s gameplay.

The Pro V1 golf ball features a three-layer design: a core, a casing layer, and a cover. The core is designed to deliver speed and low spin on long shots for more distance. 

The casing layer around the core is engineered to deliver more speed and lower spin in the long game, giving Leonard the control he desires for his shots.

The cover, made from cast urethane elastomer, provides a soft feel and spin control in the short game, making it easier for Leonard to work his magic around the greens. 

The Pro V1’s 352 tetrahedral dimple design ensures a consistent flight, regardless of the conditions, ensuring that Leonard can perform at his peak in diverse golfing scenarios.


Unveiling the life and equipment of a golfing legend like Justin Leonard is bound to stir questions. Here, we aim to answer some of the most common queries:

Which club is Justin Leonard’s favorite?

Justin Leonard frequently highlights the importance of his Mizuno MP-32 irons, attributing many of his precise approach shots to these clubs.

What has been Leonard’s most memorable win?

Without a doubt, Justin Leonard’s win at the 1997 Open Championship is his most memorable victory. It solidified his place in the golfing world and remains his only major championship win.

Who manufactures Leonard’s golf clubs?

Justin Leonard’s golf clubs are primarily manufactured by TaylorMade, Mizuno, and Titleist. Each of these manufacturers has played a significant role in providing Leonard with the equipment he needs to compete at the highest level.


Unlocking Justin Leonard’s golf bag reveals the key to his extraordinary career. 

Strategic and adaptable equipment choices reflect his prowess, shaping a legendary golfing journey. 

Justin Leonard’s legacy inspires aspiring golfers, highlighting the crucial role of appropriate equipment in achieving greatness.