NS pro 105T Vs Modus 105: What Are The Differences?

The Nippon NS Pro 105T and Modus 105 shafts are both high-quality golf shafts, but they have some key differences that may influence your decision on which one to choose. 

The main differences between the Nippon NS Pro 105T and Modus 105 lie in weight (Modus lighter), launch (Modus – low, NS Pro – higher), stiffness (Modus stiffer), feel (Modus “unloading,” NS Pro smoother), spin potential (NS Pro higher), and clubhead compatibility (NS Pro has some proprietary options).

In this article, we will discuss the differences between these two shafts in terms of weight, launch, and stiffness.

NS Pro 105T Vs Modus 105: What Are The Differences?

FeatureModus 105 ShaftNS Pro 105T Shaft
WeightLighterSlightly Heavier
Launch CharacteristicsLow LaunchHigher Launch
StiffnessStiffer ProfileMore Flexible
Feel“Unloading” SensationSmoother and Consistent
SpinSpin Rate Not ComparedHigher Spin Potential
Customization and Fitting OptionsCustomizableCustomizable
Shaft Compatibility with ClubheadsStandard SpecsProprietary for Some Clubs


The Modus 105 shaft is part of the Modus line that caters to golfers who prefer lighter weight shafts. 

The Nippon NS Pro 105T, on the other hand, is slightly heavier compared to the Modus 105 shaft. 

A lighter shaft, like the Modus 105, can help increase clubhead speed, resulting in longer distances, straighter shots, and a stronger trajectory.


Both shafts have different launch characteristics. The Modus 105 shaft is known for its low launch, while the NS Pro 105T is considered a higher launching shaft. 

A low launch typically results in lower ball flight on impact, which might be preferable for golfers seeking better control over their shots. 

Conversely, a higher launching shaft, like the NS Pro 105T, can provide more height, which can be beneficial for those wanting to maximize carry distance.


The Modus 105 shaft in Regular flex is roughly as stiff as the Modus 120 in Stiff flex. This indicates that the Modus 105 has a stiffer profile compared to the NS Pro 105T. 

Stiffness can influence the feel of the shaft and its performance, with stiffer shafts typically offering more control and accuracy at the expense of distance. 

On the other hand, a more flexible shaft can provide increased distance but may sacrifice some control.


The feel of a shaft can significantly impact your overall experience on the golf course. Golfers who have tested both the Modus 105 and NS Pro 105T shafts have noted that they have distinct feelings upon impact. 

The Modus3 TOUR120, which is similar in feel to the Modus 105, has a sensation of the shaft “unloading” at impact and is designed for golfers with medium tempos and mid releases. 

In comparison, the NS Pro 105T may feel smoother and more consistent. Ultimately, the feel of a shaft is subjective, and what may work for one golfer may not work for another. It is essential to try out both shafts to determine which one feels better for you.


The amount of spin generated by the shaft can influence your ball flight and overall performance.

While there is not a direct comparison of spin rates between the Modus 105 and NS Pro 105T in the search results, it is mentioned that the spin rate of the NS Pro 105T is considered too high for its ball speed. 

This means that the NS Pro 105T may produce more spin than the Modus 105, which can result in higher ball flight and potentially greater carry distance. However, too much spin can also lead to less control and consistency.

Shaft Compatibility with Clubheads

The compatibility of a shaft with your preferred clubhead is another crucial factor to consider. 

The search results mention that shafts with the D.S.T designation, such as the Tour 105 D.S.T, are proprietary shafts made for specific club manufacturers (Srixon, in this case) and feature slightly different specs compared to standard shafts. 

When selecting a shaft, ensure that it is compatible with your clubhead of choice or is available in an OEM-specific version, such as the Tour 105 D.S.T for Srixon clubs.

Modus 105 Vs Ns Pro 105T: Which One Is Better?

The choice between Modus 105 and NS Pro 105T depends on personal preferences and playing style. 

The Modus 105 offers a stiffer profile with lower launch and potential for control, while the NS Pro 105T provides a smoother feel with higher launch and spin potential. 

Golfers seeking control might prefer Modus 105, while those wanting higher flight and distance might favor NS Pro 105T. Ultimately, individual testing helps determine the better fit for a player’s game.