Pros And Cons Of Lifting A Golf Cart [Explained]

Ever considered elevating your golf cart experience? Lifting is a popular trend for enthusiasts seeking off-road excitement. It involves raising the suspension to enhance ground clearance and performance. Beyond functionality, many adore the “monster truck” aesthetic it lends to their cart.

Lifting your golf cart has pros and cons. It offers improved maneuverability on rough terrain and overall performance enhancement. It allows your cart to explore new paths. The lifted cart transforms its appearance into a rugged roadster.

As we explore further, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of lifting a golf cart, providing you with essential insights. Stay tuned!

Pros And Cons Of Lifting A Golf Cart

What Distinguishes A Stock Golf Cart From A Lifted One?

A stock golf cart refers to a standard, off-the-shelf golf cart that hasn’t been modified.

The manufacturer typically determines the height of a stock golf cart and remains at a standard level. 

Non-lifted (stock) Club Car and Yamaha golf carts, for example, can fit a maximum tire size of 18.5 inches.

A lifted golf cart, on the other hand, has been modified with a lift kit to raise its height.

This results in increased clearance, which can be advantageous in off-road conditions and allows for larger tires to be installed. 

The lift kits come in various types and sizes, ranging from 3″ lift kits that allow for up to 20″ tires to 6″ lift kits that can typically accept up to a 23″ all-terrain style tire.

Here’s a comparison table between non-lifted and lifted golf carts:

The maximum tire size of 18.5 inches (Club Car and Yamaha) Non-lifted (Stock) Golf CartLifted Golf Cart
HeightStandard height, determined by the manufacturerHeight increased with a lift kit
ClearanceStandard clearance, depending on the manufacturerIncreased clearance due to the lift kit
Tire SizeMaximum tire size of 18.5 inches (Club Car and Yamaha) Tire size can range from 20 inches for a 3″ lift kit to 23 inches for a 6″ lift kit
Off-Road CapabilityLimited off-road capabilitiesEnhanced off-road capabilities due to increased clearance and larger tires
AestheticsStandard designPotential for a more aggressive, off-road look

It’s important to note that while lifting a golf cart can have its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. 

For example, it might make the cart less stable due to the increased height, particularly when making turns.

Therefore, it’s important to consider these factors before deciding to lift your golf cart.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lifting A Golf Cart?

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Lifting a golf cart, or increasing the height of its suspension, can have several pros and cons depending on your particular needs and how you intend to use the golf cart. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider:

Pros of Lifting a Golf Cart

  • Improved Performance on Rough Terrain

Lifting a golf cart enhances its off-road capabilities. The increase in the suspension’s height improves ground clearance, allowing the cart to navigate rough terrains that would otherwise have been challenging.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

 There’s no denying that lifted golf carts have a unique appeal. They can be spotted from a distance and add a touch of style and individuality to the vehicle.

  •  Accommodates Larger Tires 

Lifting a golf cart allows for the fitting of larger tires, which can further enhance the cart’s ability to handle various terrains.

  • Higher Ground Clearance

 Lifting a golf cart gives it higher ground clearance. This can be particularly useful if you use your golf cart as a primary mode of transportation in areas with varied terrain.

Cons of Lifting a Golf Cart

  • Increased Cost

 Installing a lift kit can be an expensive affair. High-quality lift kits and large tires come at a substantial cost, making this modification a significant investment.

  •  Potential for Unnecessary Modification

If your golf cart usage doesn’t involve off-road travel or rough terrain, a lift kit may not provide any tangible benefits. It could end up being an unnecessary expense.

  •  Possibility of Decreased Stability

While the extra height can improve off-road performance, it can also lead to a higher center of gravity, potentially decreasing the golf cart’s stability. This factor may require additional modifications to maintain safety and performance.

  • Possible Inefficiencies

Golf carts are designed with a specific tire size to work efficiently with the gear ratio in the differential. Changing this can impact efficiency.

  • Limited Use on Golf Courses

Depending on the regulations at your local golf course, lifting your golf cart could limit its use on the course. Many golf courses do not allow carts with large, beefy tires.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest In Lifted Golf Carts?

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Determining whether it’s worthwhile to invest in lifted golf carts depends on several factors, including your intended use for the golf cart, the terrain you plan to traverse, and safety considerations.

As for general golf cart investment, it’s a good idea if you use the cart regularly.

For instance, if you play golf a few times a week, buying a cart can be a worthwhile investment. 

Renting a golf cart usually costs $25-$100 daily, while buying a cart ranges from $1,600-$11,000 depending on the cart’s age, condition, and make.

It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on your personal needs, circumstances, and how often you intend to use the golf cart before deciding whether to invest in a lifted golf cart.


Lifting a golf cart is a unique customization that can improve your car’s performance and aesthetic. However, it also comes with its set of considerations. 

This FAQ section is designed to provide quick and straightforward answers to your most pressing questions about golf cart lifting.

Can I use a lifted golf cart on a golf course?

Generally, lifted golf carts are not allowed on golf courses due to the potential damage they could cause to the turf with their all-terrain tires.

Does lifting a golf cart affect its speed?

Lifting a golf cart doesn’t necessarily make it faster. However, the improved clearance allows it to navigate more effectively over uneven or off-road terrain.

Can all golf carts be lifted?

Most golf carts can be lifted. However, it’s essential to choose a lift kit that matches the model of your cart for a proper and safe fit.

How much does it cost to lift a golf cart?

The cost varies depending on the lift kit you choose and whether you install it yourself or hire a professional. Expect to spend around $250 for a lift kit.


Deciding to lift a golf cart depends on individual needs, preferences, and budget. Consider financial impact and practicality for your usage.

 A lift kit offers off-road possibilities and aesthetic appeal. Invest in quality equipment for vehicle integrity and safety when lifting the cart.