TaylorMade M6 vs M4: Which Driver Is Best for Your Game?

When it comes to choosing the perfect golf driver, TaylorMade’s M series has consistently set the bar high. The TaylorMade M6 and M4 drivers are both fantastic options, but they offer distinctive benefits that cater to different types of players. 

The main difference between the Taylormade M6 and M4 drivers is that the M6 offers slightly more ball speed, better forgiveness, and increased distance, while the M4 is more affordable with nearly identical performance.

In this taylormade m6 vs m4 comparison, we’ll highlight the key differences between the M6 and M4 drivers to help you make an informed decision and elevate your game to the next level.

Taylormade M6 Vs M4 Drivers: What Are The Differences?

FeatureTaylormade M6 DriverTaylormade M4 Driver
Speed InjectionFine-tunes clubface for max ball speed and distanceTraditional manufacturing processes
Twist FaceCorrects for off-center hits, improves accuracy and spinSame technology as M6, but without speed injection tuning
AerodynamicsSleeker, more aerodynamic design for faster clubhead speedsLess refined shape with more drag
ForgivenessInertia Generator increases MOI for exceptional stabilityImpressive forgiveness, but less MOI than M6
Customization10g movable weight allows for fine-tuning of shot shapeWeight adjustment options, but not as advanced as M6
Feel and SoundSatisfactory feel and sound, but is not as advanced as M6Satisfactory feel and sound, but not as advanced as M6
ClubheadMulti-material construction for better weight distributionTraditional titanium construction
Loft OptionsLoft Sleeve allows for 12 different settingsAdjustable, but fewer customization options than M6
Visual AppealBold, modern look with matte black finish and Blood Orange accentsClassic appearance with silver and black color scheme
Price and ValueHigher price point, but offers advanced technology and performance enhancementsHigher price point but offers advanced technology and performance enhancements

Speed Injection Technology

Speed Injection Technology

The M6 driver takes performance optimization to the next level with its revolutionary Speed Injection Technology. 

This cutting-edge system fine-tunes the clubface to maximize ball speed and distance across the entire face. 

By contrast, the M4 driver relies on traditional manufacturing processes, which may result in slight inconsistencies in performance. 

If you’re a golfer who craves unparalleled precision and distance, the M6 is the obvious choice.

Twist Face Technology

Twist Face Technology

Credit | TaylorMadegolf

Both the M6 and M4 drivers feature TaylorMade’s groundbreaking Twist Face Technology, which corrects for off-center hits, improving accuracy and reducing side spin. 

However, the M6’s Speed Injection Technology enhances this even further by optimizing the clubface’s curvature. 

This means that even when you don’t make perfect contact, you can trust the M6 to give you consistently straighter shots than the M4.


The M6 driver boasts a sleeker, more aerodynamic design than its predecessor, the M4. 

This refined shape reduces drag and allows for faster clubhead speeds, ultimately translating into more distance on your drives. 

If you’re looking to add extra yards to your game, the M6 is the driver for you.


While both drivers offer impressive forgiveness, the M6 driver takes it a step further. 

Its Inertia Generator positions weight at the back of the club head, increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) and delivering exceptional stability on off-center strikes. 

This means that even when your swing isn’t perfect, the M6 will help minimize the damage to your shot.


The M6 driver features a slightly more advanced weighting system than the M4, with a new 10g movable weight that allows golfers to fine-tune their desired shot shape. 

This customization enables you to perfect your ball flight, giving you greater control over your game.

Feel and Sound

When it comes to feel and sound, the M6 driver has a slight edge over the M4. The M6’s TPU (thermoplastic urethane) Speed Pocket insert dampens vibrations, providing a softer feel and a more pleasing sound at impact. 

If you’re someone who appreciates the sensory aspects of the game, the M6 driver will undoubtedly enhance your on-course experience.

Clubhead Material

The M6 driver features a multi-material clubhead construction, utilizing a carbon composite crown that saves weight while increasing forgiveness. 

The M4, on the other hand, employs a more traditional titanium construction. 

The innovative use of materials in the M6 results in better weight distribution and improved performance compared to the M4 driver.

Loft Options

When it comes to adjusting the club’s loft, the M6 driver offers a wider range of options compared to the M4. 

The M6’s Loft Sleeve allows for 12 different lofts and lie settings, giving you the ability to fine-tune your driver to match your swing and optimize launch conditions. 

The M4, while still adjustable, offers fewer customization possibilities.

Visual Appeal

image 9

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The M6 driver sports a bold, modern look with its matte black finish and eye-catching Blood Orange accents. 

In contrast, the M4 driver has a more classic appearance with a silver and black color scheme. 

If you’re a golfer who values both performance and aesthetics, the M6’s striking design is sure to make a statement on the course.

Price and Value

While the M6 driver comes at a slightly higher price point than the M4, the investment is well worth it for the performance enhancements and advanced technology you’ll receive. 

Golfers who are serious about improving their game and desire a top-of-the-line driver that delivers unmatched performance should consider the M6 as their go-to choice.