TaylorMade P790 Vs P7MC: Which Golf Irons Reign Supreme?

If you’re in the market for new golf irons, you may be wondering which ones are the best fit for your game. Two popular options are the P790 and P7MC from TaylorMade. But which one reigns supreme? 

The main difference between the P790 and P7MC lies in their design and intended use. The P790 is designed for forgiveness and distance, making it a good option for mid to high handicappers, while the P7MC is geared towards experienced players who prioritize control and shot-shaping ability.

In this article, we’ll compare the two sets of irons to help you make an informed decision.

TaylorMade P790 Vs P7MC: What Are The Differences?

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AspectP790 IronsP7MC Irons
Design and ConstructionHollow body construction with thin face for increased ball speed and forgiveness.Forged cavity-back design for enhanced control, precision, and workability.
Target AudienceMid-to-high handicap players seeking distance and forgiveness.Low handicap and professional players who prioritize shot shaping and control.
Forgiveness vs. PrecisionHigh forgiveness on off-center hits.Smaller sweet spot, demanding precise ball striking for optimal performance.
Feel and FeedbackMuted feel with reduced vibrations at impact.Responsive and traditional feel for better shot feedback.
AppearanceGame-improvement look with thicker topline and larger clubhead.Compact and traditional appearance with thinner topline and less offset.

Design and Construction

The TaylorMade P790 and P7MC irons have distinct design approaches. The P790 irons feature a hollow body construction with a thin face, offering increased ball speed and distance while maintaining forgiveness. 

On the other hand, the P7MC irons are forged cavity-back irons designed to provide better control, precision, and feel, making them ideal for skilled players who prioritize workability.

Target Audience

The target audience for each iron set differs significantly. The P790 irons are generally favored by mid-to-high handicap players seeking a blend of distance, forgiveness, and playability. 

The P7MC irons, on the other hand, cater to low handicap and professional players who prioritize shot shaping, shot-making control, and feedback.

Forgiveness vs. Precision

The P790 irons are engineered to maximize forgiveness on off-center hits, helping players maintain consistent distance and accuracy on mishits. 

In contrast, the P7MC irons offer a smaller sweet spot, demanding more precise ball striking for optimal performance, making them suitable for skilled players who prioritize shot shaping and trajectory control.

Feel and Feedback

The feel and feedback offered by the P790 and P7MC irons diverge due to their different constructions. 

The P790 irons, with their hollow body design, provide a more muted feel at impact, dampening vibrations for a softer sensation. 

In contrast, the forged construction of the P7MC irons delivers a more traditional, responsive feel that provides players with a better sense of the shot’s quality.


The visual appearance of these irons also sets them apart. The P790 irons feature a more substantial, game-improvement look, with a slightly thicker topline and a larger clubhead.

On the other hand, the P7MC irons boast a more compact and traditional appearance, with a thinner topline, less offset, and a more streamlined clubhead shape.

TaylorMade P7MC Vs P790: Which One Is Better?

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Both models have distinct strengths, catering to different player preferences. The P790 excels in forgiveness and distance, ideal for mid to high handicappers seeking forgiveness on off-center hits and increased yardage. 

On the other hand, the P7MC targets skilled players, emphasizing control, precision, and shot-shaping capabilities. Its sleek design and player-oriented features make it a top choice for low handicappers seeking workability. 

Ultimately, the better choice depends on individual skill levels and playing styles. My advice is to try both irons through a professional fitting session to determine which best complements your game, ensuring an improved overall golfing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you might have heard about the P790 and P7MC irons from TaylorMade. These two models are some of the most popular on the market today, but what sets them apart? In this FAQ, we’ll explore the key differences between the P790 and P7MC irons.

What Is The P790 Iron?

The P790 is a forged iron designed for distance, speed, and precision. It features a hollow body construction with a thin face and a soft, forged carbon steel body. The P790 is known for its impressive distance and forgiveness.

What Is The P7MC Iron?

The P7MC is a muscle cavity iron designed for precision and control. It features a compact blade shape with a thin topline and minimal offset. The P7MC is known for its exceptional feel and workability.

How Do The Designs Of The P790 And P7MC Differ?

The P790 has a hollow body construction with a thin face, while the P7MC has a muscle cavity design with a compact blade shape. The P790 is designed for distance and forgiveness, while the P7MC is designed for precision and control.

Can The P790 And P7MC Be Used Together In A Set?

Yes, some golfers choose to use both the P790 and P7MC in their iron sets. The P790 may be used in the longer irons for more distance, while the P7MC may be used in the shorter irons for more precision.

Which Iron Is Right For Me?

Choosing between the P790 and P7MC depends on your personal preferences and playing style. If you value distance and forgiveness, go for the P790. If you value precision and control, go for the P7MC.