Vessel vs Ghost Golf Bag: Which One is Right for You?

When it comes to golfing, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your game. Among the essential accessories, a high-quality golf bag is paramount.

The main difference between Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags is their storage options and design elements. Ghost bags offer more storage options, including built-in cooler pockets, while Vessel bags focus on luxury and ergonomic design. Both offer quality craftsmanship for an exceptional golf experience.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences in detail between these two titans, helping you decide which one reigns supreme on the golf course. Let the battle begin!

Vessel Vs Ghost Golf Bag: What Are The Differences?

FeaturesVessel Golf BagsGhost Golf Bags
Storage OptionsAmple storage with strategically placed pocketsEven more storage options with built-in cooler pockets
Quality/CraftsmanshipKnown for quality and craftsmanship, some issues reported with broken strap clipsKnown for top-tier quality, some users report issues with dividers
Divider SystemWell-thought-out divider system for organizing clubsFull-length dividers, some users report dividers as flimsy
Aesthetic AppealLuxurious and stylish appearanceFierce-looking design
Price RangeHigh-end pricingMid to high-end pricing

Storage and Pockets

Vessel bags are known for their ample storage and pocket space, designed to store all your golf essentials. 

For example, the Vessel Player III has strategically placed pockets and offers great storage options. 

In contrast, Ghost Golf bags are known to have even more storage options than your average golf bag, providing a place for all your gear, including built-in cooler pockets to keep drinks cool and within reach while on the course. 

If you are looking for a bag with more storage options, the Ghost Golf bag may be the better choice.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Both Vessel and Ghost golf bags are known for their quality and craftsmanship. 

A user on GolfWRX forum mentioned that they have a Vessel Player III bag, and their playing partner has a Ghost bag, which they consider to be of similar quality. 

Another user on Reddit mentioned that the Ghost Golf bag has top-tier quality. However, some users have experienced issues with the Vessel bag, like broken strap clips.

It is essential to consider individual experiences while making a decision, but overall, both bags have a reputation for quality.

Divider System

The Vessel bags, such as the Vessel Player III DXR, are designed with a well-thought-out divider system for organizing your clubs. 

The Player III DXR is considered the best stand bag in 2022, featuring a rating of 93/100 for its ideal pocket sizes, locations, and overall functionality. 

Ghost Golf bags also have full-length dividers; however, some users have reported that the dividers are flimsy, thin, and not stitched, causing the golf grips from one slot to get tangled with clubs in the adjacent slot. 

If you prefer a golf bag with a more reliable divider system, Vessel may be a better choice for you.

Aesthetic Appeal

Both Vessel and Ghost Golf bags are known for their premium look and feel.

 Vessel bags, such as the Player III, have a luxurious and stylish appearance. 

Ghost Golf bags also have a fierce-looking design, contributing to their aesthetic appeal. 

If the visual aspect is important to you, both bags offer attractive designs to suit your taste.

Ghost Vs Vessel Golf Bag: Which One Is Better?

It’s difficult to definitively say which golf bag is better between Vessel and Ghost Golf, as the choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and priorities. 

Both brands offer high-quality golf bags with various features that cater to different golfers’ requirements.

Vessel bags are known for their high-quality materials, durability, ergonomic design, and compatibility with golf carts. However, some users have reported issues with the straps.

Ghost Golf bags offer a fierce-looking design, ample storage options, and built-in cooler pockets for convenience on the course. 

Some users have reported issues with the dividers, which could lead to club tangling.


Are Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags durable?

Yes, both Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags are constructed with durability in mind. They use high-quality materials and employ advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that their bags can withstand the rigors of regular golfing activities.

Do Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags offer waterproof options?

Yes, both brands offer golf bags with waterproof features. Vessel and Ghost understand the importance of keeping your golfing equipment protected from water damage, especially during wet or rainy rounds.

Are Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags suitable for professional golfers?

Yes, both Vessel and Ghost offer golf bags that cater to the needs of professional golfers. These bags are designed to provide optimal organization, functionality, and durability to meet the demands of elite players.

Can I customize my Vessel or Ghost Golf Bag?

Yes, both brands offer customization options for their golf bags. Vessel allows you to personalize your bag with custom embroidery, color choices, and logo placements. Ghost Golf Bags also offer customization features, allowing you to add your name or initials to the bag.

Are Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags lightweight?

Yes, both brands offer lightweight golf bag options. Ghost Golf Bags, in particular, are known for their focus on creating lightweight bags without compromising durability or functionality.

Do Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags come with ample storage space?

Yes, both brands prioritize providing ample storage space in their golf bags. They understand the need for golfers to carry essential equipment and accessories, such as clubs, balls, apparel, and personal items, and design their bags accordingly.

Are Vessel and Ghost Golf Bags suitable for walking or riding golfers?

Yes, both Vessel and Ghost offer golf bags suitable for both walking and riding golfers. They have designs that accommodate different carrying preferences, including lightweight stand bags for walking and cart bags for riding.