What Does QBE Stand For In Golf? The Influence of the QBE Championship

In the world of golf, there are various terms and abbreviations that may leave newcomers scratching their heads. One such term is “QBE.” If you’re new to golf or simply curious about its terminology, you may find yourself wondering, “What does QBE stand for in golf?

The QBE Shootout, as it is commonly known, is a unique tournament that features 12 two-person teams competing in various formats across three days. The event began in 1989 as the RMCC Invitational and has since become a popular fixture in the golfing calendar.

Llet’s dive into the world of QBE and uncover its significance in the game of golf.

What To Know Ahead Of This Year’s QBE Shootout

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The QBE Shootout is an annual golf event that attracts attention from both golf enthusiasts and players. If you’re looking to stay updated on this year’s tournament and want to know what to expect, here’s what you need to know:

Mixed-Team Event

Starting in 2023, the QBE Shootout will become a mixed-team event, featuring both PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players.. 

This format change is an exciting development, bringing back a mixed-team event to the golfing calendar after a long hiatus.

It is expected to add a new level of excitement and offer fans a different viewing experience.

Tournament Format

The QBE Shootout typically features 12 two-person teams competing in various formats across three days.

While the specific format for this year’s tournament has not been confirmed, previous editions have included formats like scramble, modified alternate shot, and fourballs.

Notable Participants

In the past, the QBE Shootout has attracted top golfers from both the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. 

This year’s tournament is expected to feature prominent players from both tours, including stars like Nelly Korda, Lexi Thompson, and more.


The QBE Shootout is traditionally held at the Tiburón Golf Club in Naples, Florida [2]. This picturesque venue provides a beautiful setting for the tournament, offering challenging holes and stunning views for both players and spectators.

Prize Fund

The QBE Shootout features a substantial prize fund, which adds to the competitive spirit of the event. 

While the exact prize purse for this year’s tournament has not been disclosed, previous editions have had a purse of around $3.8 million, with the winning team receiving a significant share.

Excitement and Exposure:

The transition to a mixed-team format is expected to generate increased excitement and exposure for both the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. 

This move aligns with the growing demand for team events in golf, providing fans with a unique opportunity to witness the collaboration between players from different tours.

The Format And Rules Of The QBE Shootout

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The QBE Shootout is an annual golf tournament that features a unique format and attracts top professional golfers from around the world. 

The tournament has specific rules and regulations that govern its gameplay. Let’s delve into the format and rules of the QBE ShootoutQBE


The QBE Shootout is a team event where professional golfers pair up and compete against each other. Teams consist of two players, and they play in a modified alternate shot format during the first and third rounds. In the second round, they switch to a better ball format.

Team Selection

The teams in the QBE Shootout are selected based on various criteria, including rankings and tournament invitations. The tournament organizers aim to create competitive and exciting pairings, often featuring high-profile players.


The scoring system in the QBE Shootout is based on stroke play. Each team’s score is determined by the cumulative number of strokes taken throughout the tournament. 

The team with the lowest total score at the end of the event emerges as the winner.


In case of a tie at the end of the tournament, a sudden-death playoff is used to determine the winner. 

The playoff holes are determined by the tournament officials, typically starting with a predetermined hole and continuing until a winner is decided.

Prize Distribution

The QBE Shootout offers a significant purse for the participating players. The prize money is distributed among the teams based on their final standings. The winning team receives the largest share of the prize pool.

Special Featuresqbe

The QBE Shootout often incorporates unique elements to enhance the excitement for players and spectators. In the past, there have been challenges like a long drive competition and closest-to-the-pin contests during the tournament.

Notable Winners And Moments In QBE Shootout History

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The QBE Shootout is an annual golf tournament that has witnessed notable winners and memorable moments throughout its history. Let’s explore some highlights – 

Notable Winners – 

  • Raymond Floyd and Fred Couples (1990) –  The inaugural edition of the QBE Shootout saw Raymond Floyd and Fred Couples emerge as the first champions. Their victory set the tone for future competitions and showcased the caliber of talent the tournament would attract.
  • Greg Norman and Steve Elkington (1995, 1996, 1997) –  The duo of Greg Norman and Steve Elkington dominated the QBE Shootout during the mid-1990s, winning three consecutive titles. Their chemistry and exceptional play solidified their status as one of the tournament’s most successful teams.
  • Brad Faxon and Scott McCarron (2000) –  In a thrilling finish, Brad Faxon and Scott McCarron claimed victory after a sudden-death playoff against the team of Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods. Their triumph showcased the competitiveness and excitement that defines the QBE Shootout.
  • Kenny Perry and John Huston (2005) –  Kenny Perry and John Huston etched their names in QBE Shootout history by becoming the first team to win the tournament wire-to-wire, leading from start to finish. Their consistent and impressive performance remains a standout moment.
  • Matt Kuchar and Harris English (2013, 2016, 2017) –  The pairing of Matt Kuchar and Harris English has experienced remarkable success in recent years, capturing three QBE Shootout titles. Their chemistry and teamwork have been instrumental in their triumphs, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Memorable Moments 

  • Miracle Shot by Greg Norman (1993) –  Greg Norman delivered one of the most memorable shots in QBE Shootout history when he holed out from the fairway on the final hole to secure victory for his team. The shot exemplified Norman’s skill and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Annika Sorenstam’s Participation (2006) –  Golf legend Annika Sorenstam became the first female golfer to compete in the QBE Shootout, teaming up with Fred Couples. Her participation marked a significant moment in the tournament’s history, highlighting the growing inclusivity in the sport.
  • Stellar Final Round by Brandt Snedeker and Jason Dufner (2015) –  Brandt Snedeker and Jason Dufner produced a scintillating final-round performance, shooting a 14-under-par 58 to claim victory. Their outstanding play showcased the potential for low scores and dramatic comebacks in the tournament.
  • Thrilling Playoff Victory for Matt Kuchar and Harris English (2016) –  Matt Kuchar and Harris English secured their second QBE Shootout title in 2016 after a thrilling playoff against the team of Jerry Kelly and Steve Stricker. The playoff hole featured spectacular shots and intense competition, providing an unforgettable finish.
  • Record-Breaking Performance by Steve Stricker and Sean O’Hair (2017) –  Steve Stricker and Sean O’Hair set a new tournament record in 2017, finishing at 26-under-par to claim victory. Their exceptional play showcased the level of talent and competitiveness present in the QBE Shootout.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to golf, understanding the various terms and abbreviations used in the sport can be helpful. One such abbreviation you might come across is QBE. 

If you’re curious about what QBE stands for in golf, here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

How Did Qbe Become Associated With Golf?

QBE Insurance Group, an Australian-based insurance company, became the title sponsor of the tournament in 2017. This partnership has allowed QBE to align its brand with the world of professional golf and showcase its commitment to supporting sporting events.

Where Is The Qbe Shootout Held?

The QBE Shootout takes place annually at the Tiburón Golf Club in Naples, Florida. This stunning golf course, designed by Greg Norman, provides a challenging yet picturesque setting for the tournament.

Who Can Participate In The Qbe Shootout?

The QBE Shootout features a field of elite professional golfers who are invited to participate. The selection process considers factors such as world rankings, tournament victories, and past performances to ensure a highly competitive lineup.

What Is The Format Of The Qbe Shootout?

The QBE Shootout incorporates a variety of formats, including alternate shot, scramble, and best ball. Each day of the tournament features a different format, adding excitement and strategic elements to the competition.


QBE in golf refers to the QBE Shootout, a professional tournament that showcases top golfers in a team format. 

QBE Insurance Group sponsors the event, which takes place at the Tiburón Golf Club in Naples, Florida. The tournament features various formats and attracts elite players from around the world. It provides an exciting and competitive experience for both players and fans alike.