Who buys used golf carts? Find out Now!

Golf carts have long been a popular mode of transportation for golf course visitors and those living in golf communities. But what happens when a golf cart is no longer needed? Who buys used golf carts?

Anyone looking for a great deal can purchase a used golf cart. From individuals looking for an affordable way to get around their neighborhood, to business owners who need reliable transportation in the golf course, there are plenty of potential buyers out there.

If you’re considering purchasing or selling a used golf cart, this article will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. Learn about the different types of carts available, how to find buyers, and tips on getting the best price when buying or selling your used cart. Read on to find out more!

Key Takeaways

  • Used golf carts are a cost-effective way to own a golf cart.
  • Buyers should research the condition of the cart before purchasing.
  • Consider the age, make, and model of the cart when buying used.
  • Have a professional inspect any used golf cart before purchase to ensure safety and reliability.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Golf Cart?

Golf carts are a great way to get around your golf course, neighborhood, or other recreational area. Buying a used golf cart can save you money and provide many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of buying a used golf cart.

Cost Savings

Used golf carts are much more affordable than new ones. This makes them an attractive option for those on a budget or who don’t need all the bells and whistles of a newer model. You can find quality used carts that will last for years at a fraction of the cost of buying new.


Many used golf carts come with warranties that cover parts and labor for up to one year after purchase, giving you peace of mind if something goes wrong with your purchase.


When you buy used, you have access to a wider variety of styles, brands, and features than when you buy new.

You may be able to find features on older models that have been discontinued in newer models, giving you more options when it comes time to make your purchase decision.


Used golf carts can be just as reliable as new ones if they have been properly maintained by their previous owners.

Many come with low mileage or even unused batteries, ensuring they’ll last for many years to come without needing major repairs or replacements down the line.

Environmentally Friendly

By buying used instead of new, you’re reducing waste and helping conserve resources since fewer materials need to be produced in order to make your purchase possible!

How to Find Used Golf Carts for Sale?

Golf carts are an excellent way to get around the golf course, but buying a new one can be expensive.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, you may want to consider looking for used golf carts for sale. Here are some tips on how to find used golf carts for sale:

  1. Start by doing some research online. There are many websites that specialize in selling used golf carts and they will often have listings of available models and prices. You can also check out classifieds websites like Craigslist or eBay to see if there are any local sellers offering used golf carts.
  2. Talk to your local golf club or pro shop and ask if they know of anyone selling a used cart or if they have any available themselves. Many clubs and pro shops will buy back old carts from members who no longer need them, so it’s worth asking around before you start shopping elsewhere.
  3. Consider attending a local auction or flea market where you may be able to find a good deal on a used cart. Just make sure that you inspect the cart thoroughly before making any purchases as some sellers may not always disclose any issues with the vehicle upfront.
  4. Lastly, consider visiting salvage yards as they often have good deals on vehicles that have been damaged in accidents or floods but still offer plenty of useable parts that could be salvaged from them such as motors, batteries, etc…

What Should You Look for When Buying a Used Golf Cart?

When looking to buy a used golf cart, there are several key factors to consider. Here are some tips for purchasing a used golf cart that will provide years of reliable service:

Check the condition of the body

Look for signs of rust or damage, such as dents or scratches. Make sure that all panels and doors close properly.

Inspect the tires

Make sure the tires are in good condition with plenty of tread remaining. If they are balding or worn, you may need to replace them before taking your cart out on the course.

Test drive it

Take your time and get a feel for how it drives on different terrain, such as hills and rough patches of grass. Also check the brakes and make sure they work properly before making your purchase decision.

Check the battery

Make sure it holds a charge and is in good working order before buying your golf cart. You don’t want to be stuck with a dead battery when you’re out on the course!

Ask about maintenance history

Ask if any major repairs have been done recently, such as an engine tune-up or new brakes, so you know what to expect going forward with ownership costs down the line.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Used Golf Cart?

If you’re looking for a great way to get around your golf course, a used golf cart is the perfect solution. But before you jump in and buy one, you need to consider the cost. How much does it cost to buy a used golf cart?

The answer depends on several factors, including the age of the cart, its condition, features, and location. Generally speaking, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500-$5,000 for a used golf cart. The average price range is usually around $2,500-$3,000 depending on the above factors.

When buying a used golf cart it’s important to inspect it thoroughly before making any purchase decisions.

You should look at all of the components such as tires and batteries as well as any cosmetic damage that may be present.

Make sure that all safety features are functioning properly and that there are no mechanical issues with the vehicle itself.

Additionally, make sure that you have an up-to-date maintenance record so you know what services have been performed on it in recent years.

If you’re looking for more affordable options then there are plenty of secondhand dealerships who specialize in selling pre-owned golf carts at discounted prices.

This can be a great way to get your hands on an older model at a fraction of the cost of buying new or even refurbished models from retailers or manufacturers directly.

However be aware that these carts may not come with warranties or guarantees so make sure to do your research before committing to any purchase decisions.

What Are the Different Types of Used Golf Carts Available?

Golf carts are useful vehicles for getting around golf courses, and they can also be used for other purposes as well. Used golf carts come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and models to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable vehicle to get around the course or want to use it for something else entirely, there’s bound to be a used golf cart that fits the bill. Here are some of the different types of used golf carts available:

Gas-powered Golf Carts

These are the most popular type of used golf cart and are ideal if you need something with plenty of power.

They run on gasoline and provide good acceleration and speed. However, they require more maintenance than electric models and can be quite noisy when running.

Electric Golf Carts

Electric models are becoming increasingly popular due to their quieter operation and lower maintenance requirements.

They run on batteries which need recharging every few days or so depending on how often you use it.

They usually have less power than gas-powered models but may be better suited for those who don’t need a lot of speed or acceleration.

Utility Golf Carts

Utility carts are designed specifically for hauling items such as tools, supplies, or even people from one place to another on the course or elsewhere.

They typically have larger tires than regular golf carts and may feature extra cargo space in the back or sides.

Many utility carts also come with additional features such as headlights and tail lights for added safety when driving at night.

Street Legal Golf Carts

As their name implies, these types of used golf carts can legally be driven on public roads in some states with certain restrictions in place (such as speed limits).

Street legal models usually feature headlights, brake lights, turn signals, windshields with wipers, seatbelts, mirrors and other safety features required by law in order to make them street legal vehicles.


Where can I find used golf carts for sale?

Used golf carts can be found for sale through online marketplaces, classified ads, auction websites, and local dealerships.

What should I look for when buying a used golf cart?

When purchasing a used golf cart, it is important to inspect the condition of the frame and body, check the brakes and steering system, and make sure all safety features are in working order. It is also important to ensure that any batteries are in good condition and have been properly maintained.

How much does a used golf cart typically cost?

The price of a used golf cart will vary depending on its condition, age, make/model, accessories included, and other factors. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 or more for a quality used model.

Are there any special considerations when buying a used electric golf cart?

Yes – when purchasing an electric golf cart it is important to consider the battery life of the vehicle and ensure that it has been properly maintained over time. Additionally it is important to check

Ending Note

The used golf cart market is a growing industry that offers a variety of options for those looking to purchase a vehicle Used golf carts can be found from private sellers, dealerships, and online retailers.

Depending on the condition and features of the cart, prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars Buyers should consider their budget, purpose for the cart, and any additional features they may need before making their purchase.

With careful research and consideration, buyers can find the perfect used golf cart to fit their needs.