Who Makes PXG Golf Clubs? [From Concept to Course]

Pearson’s Extreme Golf, also known as PXG, is a US-based company that produces PXG golf clubs. It began its voyage in January 2015 with the assistance of well-known golfers and has yet to look back.

PSG is unique in that, unlike other golf club makers, it does not sell bulk clubs from its shelves. Instead of creating a generic set of Golf clubs, they make golf clubs tailored to the golfer’s needs.

Brief Overview Of PXG Golf Clubs 

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Bob Person’s journey from a Vietnam War veteran to Pearson’s Extreme Golf founder exemplifies the power of his formidable determination and passion. 

We can see how his love of golf motivated him to start a wonderful firm that has redefined the industry.

Pearson’s Extreme Golf has swiftly separated itself from its industry competitors thanks to its revolutionary approach to technology and design. 

Above all, through cooperating with some of the world’s most recognized players, PXG has developed a method that has revolutionized the way golf is played. You are aware that excellence comes at a cost.

And it is not unknown that, despite PXG Clubs being among the most expensive on the market, golfers are willing to pay a hefty price for their unrivaled performance and high quality.

Most Appalling Aspects Of Pxg Golf Clubs

  • Every club is handcrafted with the highest level of precision.
  • Only the highest-quality raw materials are used.
  • CMC mailing technology is used for effectiveness and management
  • Clubs are known for being forgiving and have a long range.
  • The best Club Irons on the market. 

Aspects of Being Addressed

  • Prices are pretty high in comparison to competitors.
  • In contrast to other brands, quality is not really that superior.

What Are The Different Types Of PXG Golf Clubs?

PXG has not been in the golf industry for as long as some of its competitors, but it has made its name by consistently producing high-quality products in recent years. 

The quality of the golf clubs produced by PXG has received recognition from both professional and amateur players.

In fact, in just the last decade, PXG has developed a wide range of irons and models added to its exquisite inventory of quality golf clubs. 

Here is a table showcasing some of the fantastic golf clubs that PXG has released over the past decade:

PXG’s lineupModelsStarting Price 
Drivers0311 Gen 6 Drivers
0311 Gen 5 Drivers
0211  Driver
FAIRWAY0311 Gen 6 Fairways
0311 Gen 5 Fairways
0211  Fairways
HYBRIDS0311 Gen 6 Hybrids
0311 Gen 5 Hybrids
0211  Hybrids
Iron0311 Gen 6 Irons
0311 Gen 5 Irons
0317 Irons
0211 XCOR2 Irons
PUTTERSBattle Ready
Putters0211 Putters

Where Are PXG Golf Clubs Made?

Although the PXDS headquarters are primarily in Southville, Arizona, the company manufactures golf clubs throughout Asia. 

But there’s no need to be concerned because PxG takes excellent care to ensure its product quality and performance despite being manufactured outside.

It is convincing to know that PXG designs its own Gulf Club and manufactures it overseas, including the manufacturing and quality control processes. 

Approximately 1000 employees are in charge of product development, marketing, and other crucial operations for the company in the Arizona facility to ensure that you get the best of your preferences.

In other words, even though PXG produces its golf clubs in Asia, its dedication to quality and careful attention to every detail ensure the golfer can rely on the clubs to perform to their highest potential on any surface with their maximum level of expertise.

How Do PXG Golf Clubs Compare To Other Brands?

Doesn’t matter whether PGX is a relatively new brand in the golf industry; it has attracted considerable attention and popularity among golf enthusiasts due to its creative approach to club design.  

Regarding golf club design, Bob Parsons, the company’s founder, has always been committed to innovation and performance.

Instead of just trying to maximize profits, PGX has built a reputation as a brand that golfers can rely on by focusing on making the best golf clubs possible. 

In the following ways, the company distinguishes itself from competitors’ brands.

Focus on Advancement

According to Pearson, unlike other firms that develop and market new models and releases regularly and irregularly, PXG prioritizes quality above quantity.

As a result, before releasing a product, he continuously seeks to make significant adjustments. 

This ensures that newer models are always superior to earlier generations, allowing for redevelopment.

Customization Feature

Every golfer enjoys personalizing their equipment and accessories. PXG is mainly focused on the concept so that golfers may express themselves through designing their clubs and feel linked to the brand.

Options for All

Even though PXG is a premium brand and most clubs are expensive, there are also less expensive options for beginner golfers. So the lineup benefits everyone.

Brand Image

The PXG brand is widely regarded in the golf industry as a high-performance, luxurious alternative, reflected in every aspect of the company’s branding and marketing.

Additionally, Bob Parsons’ experience as an officer of the Marine Corps and a prosperous businessman contributes to the brand’s reputation for excellence, strength, and discipline.

Secret PXG Technology

Exclusive PXT technology is included in the PXT golf course to improve the production process. 

The XCOR 2 is one such technique that boosts the moment of inertia for maximum forgiveness.

In addition, the face technology improves top ball speed with high face deflection and spring.

Implementing power channel technology improves the launch angle trajectory and speed. 

Likewise, technological advancements like precision weight technology ensure the best overall feel, distance, and launch.


You might wonder how far this brand has come in just a decade based on the discussion above. If you have any inquiries, check out these frequently asked questions!

Are there any fake PXG clubs?

Online stores, auction sites, and unlicensed retail establishments sell counterfeit and unofficial PXG products.  PXG vigorously pursues those who produce and/or distribute unauthorized and/or counterfeit PXG products.

Which Tour Players Are Using PXG Equipment? 

PXG clubs or other PXG equipment is currently used by 8 PGA Tour players who rank among the best golfers in the world.  Players like Kevin Na, Patrick Reed, and Jason Kokrak are on this list.

Does PXG make golf balls?

PXG produced its first golf ball on February 7, 2023. The latest PXG Xtreme Premium Golf Balls provide considerable distance, quick green-grabbing control, and a stylish new alignment aid to help you make more putts.

Final Words

PXG has been known as one of the top golf club makers despite being a new brand in the competitive golf market. 

This is because the company is committed to delivering the highest performance rather than concentrating just on sales and new model development.

So, whether you’re an expert or novice golfer, you owe it to yourself to give PXG Golf Clubs a try.