Callaway Apex TCB vs X Forged CB: Which Irons are Right for You?

Two of the most popular models of Callaway are the Apex TCB and X Forged CB. While these irons share similarities, they also have unique differences that can make one set better suited to a particular golfer’s game.

The main differences between the Callaway Apex TCB and X Forged CB irons lie in the Apex TCB’s addition of tungsten in the sole to enhance the center of gravity, as well as slightly less offset and a thinner top line. Despite these differences, both models share similarities in terms of appearance and forgiveness.

In this Apex TCB vs x Forged CB guide, we’ll take a close look at the differences between the Apex TCB and X Forged CB irons to help you decide which set is right for you. 

Callaway Apex TCB vs X Forged CB

Callaway Apex TCB Vs X Forged CB Irons: What are the differences? 

By now you know the main differences, but there are some more that may influence your decision.

To make everything clean and simple we’ve put all the comparing factors in the below table.

Don’t forget to check the detailed discussion of the differences and their impact on your game.

FeatureApex TCB IronsX Forged CB Irons
Sole DesignNo tungsten weight in the soleNo tungsten weight in sole
Clubface TechnologyForged 1025 carbon steel + Apex family technologyForged 1025 carbon steel
OffsetSlightly reduced offsetSlightly more offset
Top Line and Head SizeThinner top line and more compact head sizeThicker top line and slightly larger head size
ForgivenessLess forgiving than X Forged CB ironsSlightly more forgiving due to larger head size and offset
Customization OptionsGreater personalization and attention to detailStill customizable, but potentially less personalized
Price PointHigher price pointLower price point
AvailabilityCustom-only, not available in standard retail outletsMore widely available in retail outlet

Sole design

One of the primary differences between the Apex TCB irons and the X Forged CB irons is the inclusion of tungsten in the sole of the clubhead for the Apex TCB.

This strategically placed tungsten weight lowers the center of gravity, promoting higher launch angles and a more stable ball flight.

This feature is especially beneficial for players seeking improved trajectory control and consistency in their shots.

Clubface technology

The Apex TCB and X Forged CB irons both use a forged 1025 carbon steel construction to provide a soft feel and excellent feedback.

However, the Apex TCB irons inherit some of the Apex family’s technology, adding a touch of crispness and snap when struck purely.

This difference in clubface technology can affect the overall feel and sound, which can be a matter of personal preference for players.


The offset of iron refers to the distance between the leading edge of the clubface and the front edge of the hosel.

The Apex TCB irons have a slightly reduced offset compared to the X-Forged CB irons.

This reduced offset tends to appeal more to better players who prefer a cleaner look at address and the ability to shape their shots more easily.

Golfers with a high skill level might find the reduced offset beneficial for shot shaping and control.

Top line and head size

The Apex TCB irons feature a thinner top line and a more compact head size than the X-Forged CB irons. This sleeker appearance is often preferred by advanced golfers who value aesthetics and feel in their clubs.

The compact head size, particularly in the longer irons, can provide improved feedback and precision for players who prioritize shot-making and control.


While both the Apex TCB and X Forged CB irons are considered more forgiving than traditional blade irons.

The X Forged CB irons might offer slightly more forgiveness due to their slightly larger head size and increased offset.

This difference can be beneficial for players who need a bit more assistance on off-center strikes.

Customization options

Callaway offers a range of customization options for both the Apex TCB and X Forged CB irons, including shaft material, shaft flex, grip, and other specifications.

The Apex TCB irons, being a custom-only offering, could potentially provide more personalized options and greater attention to detail during the fitting process.

This additional customization could benefit players who are looking for the best possible fit for their game.

In contrast, the X Forged CB irons, while still offering customization options, might not have the same level of personalization as the Apex TCB irons.


The Apex TCB irons are a custom-only offering, meaning they are not readily available in standard retail outlets.

Players interested in these clubs will need to go through a custom fitting process to obtain them. This exclusivity contrasts with the more widely available X Forged CB irons.

Price point

The Callaway Apex TCB Irons, being custom-only and targeted towards elite players, are likely to have a higher price point compared to the X Forged CB Irons.

This difference in price could be a significant factor for some golfers when deciding which set of irons to invest in.

Golfers should consider their budget and whether the added features and customization options in the Apex TCB irons are worth the potentially higher cost.

So, Callaway X Forged CB vs Apex TCB: which Irons set is right for me?

The best way to decide which set of irons is right for you is to try them out during a fitting session or demo day.

This will allow you to compare the performance, feel, and look of both sets and choose the one that suits your game and preferences the most.

To determine which set is right for you, consider the following factors:

Skill level

If you are an advanced golfer with a high skill level, you might prefer the Apex TCB irons due to their reduced offset, thinner top line, and more compact head size, which can provide improved shot-making and control.

If you need slightly more forgiveness on off-center strikes, the X-Forged CB irons might be a better fit.

Feel and sound

If you prefer a crisp feel and sound when striking the ball, the Apex TCB irons with their inherited Apex family technology may be the right choice.

If you don’t have a strong preference for feel and sound, the X Forged CB irons could still be a suitable option.


If you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend more on a set of irons, the X Forged CB irons will likely be more affordable than the custom-only Apex TCB irons.


If you are looking for the most personalized fit possible, the Apex TCB irons may be a better option due to their custom-only nature and greater attention to detail during the fitting process.

If you don’t require an extensive level of customization, the X Forged CB irons could still be a good fit.


If you prefer to purchase your clubs in a retail store or want more immediate access to them, the X Forged CB irons are more widely available.

If you are willing to go through the custom fitting process and wait for the clubs to be built, the Apex TCB irons could be the right choice.