Wilson Staff D300 vs D300 SL: Which Golf Irons Reigns Supreme?

The Wilson Staff D300 and D300 SL irons are both designed to offer golfers power, accuracy, and forgiveness. However, there are some differences between the two models.

The main difference between the two models is that the D300 irons have power holes and FLX Face Technology, while the D300 SL irons have a bigger sweet spot and Speed Sole Technology.

There are some more aspects that make these two clubs differ. We’ll explore every possible difference along with their impact on the game. But first, let’s start with a quick overview-

wilson staff d300 vs d300 sl

Overview of Wilson Staff D300 Golf Irons

If you’re a distance player looking to take your game to the next level, the Wilson Staff D300 golf irons are a must-have addition to your golf bag!

These irons have been designed with cutting-edge FLX Face Technology, allowing for maximum bend and an incredibly powerful launch.

But that’s not all – this technology also provides extreme forgiveness, giving you an enormous sweet spot the size of a silver dollar.

The heel-toe weight ‘pods’ of the irons add to this forgiveness, ensuring that the ball launches even if it’s not struck right on the perimeter.

Wilson Staff D300 Golf Irons

The Wilson Staff D300 irons come with stock options of KBS Tour 80 steel and Matrix Speed Rulz A-Type 54 graphite shafts. 

These options cater to different preferences and provide a range of options to choose from.

Available in both right and left-hand orientations and in different flex options, these irons are perfect for any type of golfer.

These irons fall under the Game Improvement/Super Game Improvement category, featuring wide soles, plenty of offsets, a thick top line, and extreme forgiveness, making them the perfect choice for high-handicap players. 

The lightweight shafts make them easy to swing, allowing for more accurate shots and longer distances.

Overview of Wilson Staff D300 SL Golf Irons

If you’re a distance player looking for some powerful, accurate golf clubs that look great at address, you might want to check out the Wilson Staff D300 SL Golf Irons.

One cool feature of these irons is the Speed Sole Technology, which allows for a thinner face-to-sole transition.

That means you can get some driver-like CT’s, faster ball speeds, and longer distances. 

Plus, the D300 SL irons have a larger sweet spot and are more forgiving than the D200 irons, which came out a few years ago.

Wilson Staff D300 SL Golf Irons

The FLX Face Technology in the D300 irons is pretty sweet, too. It lets 76% of the face be completely free from the body, so you can get maximum bend and a powerful launch. 

And with the heel-toe weight pods, you’ll get some “extreme forgiveness” while playing.

If you’re worried about missing the sweet spot, don’t be! The sweet spot on these irons is about the size of a silver dollar.

The D300 SL Combo Iron Set comes with a 4 Hybrid + 5-PW and is available in Uniflex and Regular flexes. Unfortunately, they’re only available for right-handed players.

Wilson Staff D300 vs D300 SL Golf Irons: What are the differences?

FeatureWilson Staff D300Wilson Staff D300 SL
DesignFLX Face Technology, power holesSame design as D300, no power holes
Release Date2017 (Feb 10) Late 2018
ForgivenessHigh levels of forgivenessMore forgiving than D200 irons 
Sweet Spot SizeLarge sweet spotBigger sweet spot than D200 irons 
DistanceLong distance and excellent speed Similar to D300
Face Technology76% of face disconnected from body, for maximum bend and powerful launch FLX Face Technology, same as D300
Heel and Toe Weight PodsYes, for extreme forgiveness Yes, similar to D300
Set Composition5-GW 7-club set (5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, gap wedge)4 Hybrid + 5-PW
Shaft OptionsKBS Tour 80 steel and Matrix Speed Rulz A-Type 54 graphiteD300 Superlight – Steel or Graphite

Design Difference

The design difference between the D300 and D300 SL irons lies in the presence of power holes in the D300 irons. 

These power holes contribute to the overall performance of the irons by enhancing face flexing, leading to increased ball speed and distance. 

The D300 SL irons, without the power holes, might not be able to provide the same level of distance and ball speed as the standard D300 irons.


The D300 SL irons feature a larger sweet spot and are more forgiving than the D200 irons. 

This increased forgiveness can help golfers achieve more consistent ball striking, leading to better overall shot results.

However, the search results do not directly compare the forgiveness of D300 SL irons to that of the standard D300 irons.

Set Composition

The D300 SL Combo Iron Set includes a 4 Hybrid in addition to the 5-PW irons, providing golfers with an easier-to-hit alternative to a long iron. 

This can help golfers achieve more consistent performance on long approach shots and improve their overall scoring.

Shaft Options

The availability of both steel and graphite shaft options for the D300 SL irons allows golfers to select the shaft material that best suits their swing speed and preferences. 

Steel shafts typically offer more control and accuracy, while graphite shafts are lighter and can generate higher swing speeds, potentially increasing distance for golfers with slower swing speeds.

Release Date

As the D300 SL irons were released in 2018, they could benefit from any advancements in technology and design improvements made since the launch of the original D300 irons in 2017. 

This means that the D300 SL irons may offer better performance, forgiveness, or playability than the standard D300 irons.


The D300 irons have a discounted price of $339.95, providing an affordable option for golfers looking for a game improvement set. 

The price of the D300 SL irons can be checked on Amazon, allowing golfers to compare the prices of both iron sets and determine which one provides the best value for their needs.

Wilson Staff D300 SL vs D300: Which Golf Irons To Choose?

Wilson Staff D300 SL vs D300

Both the Wilson Staff D300 and D300 SL irons are designed to offer game-improvement features and can benefit average players, newbies, and experienced golfers. 

The choice between the two iron sets depends on personal preferences, swing characteristics, and desired results.

If you are a beginner or average player looking for maximum forgiveness, a larger sweet spot, and easier-to-hit long irons, the D300 SL irons with Speed Sole Technology might be a better choice for you. 

These irons are more forgiving and can help you achieve consistent results with less effort.

If you are an experienced player looking for maximum distance, accuracy, and control, the D300 irons with power holes and FLX Face Technology might be a better fit for you. 

These irons offer greater face flexing and increased ball speed, allowing you to achieve greater distance and accuracy on your shots.

Ultimately, the best iron set for you is the one that feels the most comfortable and helps you achieve your desired results on the golf course. 

We recommend that you try out both iron sets and consult with a golf professional or expert to get a more personalized recommendation based on your individual swing characteristics and skill level.