Bushnell Tour V4 Vs V3: A Comprehensive Comparison

Bushnell is a well-known name in the world of golf rangefinders, and two of their most popular models are the Tour V4 and V3. While both are high-quality options, there are some key differences that set them apart. 

The main difference between the Bushnell Tour V4 and V3 is their range. The V4 has a range of up to 1000 yards, while the V3 has a range of up to 800 yards. This makes the V4 a better option for golfers who play on longer courses or want more flexibility in their rangefinder.

In this article, we’ll compare the two rangefinders to help you make an informed decision.

Bushnell Tour V4 Vs V3: What Are The Differences?

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AspectBushnell Tour V4Bushnell Tour V3
Size and WeightSlightly smaller and lighterSlightly bulkier and heavier
Slope FunctionAvailable with Slope technology optionStandard version without Slope feature
JOLT TechnologyEquipped with PinSeeker with JOLTPinSeeker with JOLT technology
RangeUp to 1000 yards (reflective targets)Up to 1000 yards (reflective targets)
AccuracyAccurate within +/- 1 yardAccurate within +/- 1 yard
DisplayVivid, clear LCD displayClear LCD display
Battery LifeLong-lasting batteryLong-lasting battery
PriceUsually more expensiveSlightly more affordable

Size And Weight

One noticeable difference between the Bushnell Tour V4 and V3 is their physical dimensions. The Tour V4 is slightly smaller and lighter, making it more portable and easy to handle on the course. 

On the other hand, the Tour V3 is slightly bulkier and heavier, which might affect the comfort of carrying it around during a long round of golf.

Slope Function

If you’re looking for a rangefinder with slope functionality, the Bushnell Tour V4 offers an option with Slope technology. 

This feature calculates the adjusted distance, taking into account changes in elevation, giving you more precise data to plan your shots. 

However, if you prefer a rangefinder without Slope, the Tour V3 provides the standard version without this capability.

Jolt Technology

Both models incorporate PinSeeker technology, which helps identify the flagstick even with background clutter. However, the Bushnell Tour V4 takes it a step further with JOLT technology. 

This feature provides a short, vibrating burst to confirm when the rangefinder locks onto the target, giving golfers a tactile signal that they’ve accurately measured the distance. The Tour V3 lacks this JOLT feature.

Range And Magnification

When it comes to range and magnification capabilities, both the Bushnell Tour V4 and V3 offer up to 1000 yards of distance measurement for reflective targets. 

They also share a 5x magnification, allowing you to see distant targets clearly and ensuring accuracy in your readings.

Display And Battery Life

The Bushnell Tour V4 boasts a vivid and clear LCD display, which may offer improved visibility, especially in varying lighting conditions. 

The Tour V3 also has a reliable LCD display but might differ slightly in brightness and clarity. 

In terms of battery life, both models are known for their long-lasting performance, so you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements during your rounds.


As with most technological products, the more advanced features usually come with a higher price tag. 

The Bushnell Tour V4, with its additional Slope and JOLT technology, tends to be priced higher than the Tour V3, which lacks these features. 

Therefore, budget-conscious golfers might find the Tour V3 to be a slightly more affordable option.

Bushnell Tour V4 Vs V3: Which One Is Better?

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The Bushnell Tour V4 holds an advantage over its predecessor, the V3. 

The V4 boasts several noteworthy improvements, including faster and more accurate readings, enhanced ergonomic design for comfortable handling, and an extended battery life for longer golfing sessions. 

With its advanced technology, the Tour V4 offers golfers a competitive edge on the course, aiding in better decision-making and precision. 

As a professional American golfer, I recommend the Bushnell Tour V4 as the superior choice for golf enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance, reliability, and a seamless user experience to elevate their game to new heights. Choose the V4 and elevate your golfing prowess!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to choose between the Bushnell Tour V4 and V3 golf rangefinders? Here are some FAQs to help you make the right decision.

Is The V4 Significantly Lighter Than The V3?

Yes, the V4 is about 30% lighter than the V3, making it more comfortable to carry during your rounds.

Does The V4 Provide Better Pin-Seeking Technology?

Yes, the V4’s PinSeeker with JOLT technology ensures vibration feedback when locking onto the flag, making it easier to target the pin.

Are There Any Improvements In The Battery Life Of The V4?

Yes, the V4 has a slightly better battery life than the V3, providing more rounds before needing a replacement.

Can The V4 Be Used In Different Weather Conditions?

Yes, both the V4 and V3 are water-resistant, allowing you to use them in various weather conditions without worry.

Is The V4 Compatible With Slope Compensation Technology?

Yes, the V4 comes in both standard and slope editions, similar to the V3, providing slope-adjusted distances for enhanced accuracy.

Are The V4’S Optics Better Than The V3?

Yes, the V4 has improved optics, offering a clearer view and better overall performance compared to the V3.

Is The V4 Worth The Upgrade From The V3?

If you value improved performance, lighter weight, and better optics, the V4 is a worthy upgrade from the V3. Consider your needs and preferences before making a decision.