Cleveland RTX Vs CBX Wedges – Who Comes Out On Top, Zipcore or CBX2?

When it comes to improving your short game, having the right wedge in your bag can make all the difference. Two powerhouses in the wedge market, Cleveland Golf’s RTX Zipcore, and CBX 2 wedges, have garnered a reputation for their exceptional performance and versatility on the greens. But which one truly stands out, and how do they differ?

The main difference between Cleveland RTX and CBX wedges lies in their design; RTX wedges are Tour-inspired blades for advanced players, while CBX wedges are cavity-back wedges designed for golfers who use cavity-back irons, offering more forgiveness.

Well, there are more; let’s explore them all in detail-

Cleveland RTX Vs CBX Wedges

Cleveland RTX Vs CBX Wedges: What Are The Differences?

FeatureCleveland RTX Zipcore WedgesCleveland CBX 2 Wedges
DesignMuscleback designCavity back design
ForgivenessLess forgivingMore forgiving
Groove TechnologyTour Zip Grooves and laser millingTour Zip Grooves and laser milling
Groove Depth/SharpnessDeeper, sharper, and narrowerShallower and less sharp
Core TechnologyLow-density ZipCore coreNo core technology
Loft Options46 to 60 degrees46 to 60 degrees (+ 64 degrees)
Bounce OptionsFewer optionsBroader range of options
Full-Face GroovesAvailableNot available
Sole Grind OptionsMore optionsFewer options
AestheticsLow profileLarger profile

Design and Forgiveness

The Cleveland RTX wedges are designed for pros and low-handicappers seeking the ultimate in feel, versatility, and spin control, packaged in a traditional-looking club. 

They feature a muscleback design, making them less forgiving than the CBX wedges. 

The CBX wedges, on the other hand, are designed specifically for players who use cavity back irons, offering more forgiveness and a larger sweet spot.

Grooves and Spin

Both RTX and CBX wedges feature Tour Zip Grooves and laser milling. However, the CBX2 and ZipCore wedges have some differences in groove depth and sharpness. 

Compared to the previous CBX 2, the grooves on ZipCore wedges are 7.3% deeper, 11% sharper, and narrower, allowing for increased spin and control. 

Additionally, some golfers have reported that they found the CBX2 wedges to spin more than the original CBX.

Core and Center of Gravity

The RTX ZipCore wedges feature a low-density core that helps shift the center of gravity and increase spin, providing a better feel for the golfer. This core technology is not present in the CBX wedge line.

Loft Options and Bounce Options

Both RTX and CBX wedges offer loft options ranging from 46 to 60 degrees. 

However, the CBX2 wedge has a 64-degree option, while the RTX Zipcore wedge does not. 

The lie angle of the CBX2 wedge is 64 degrees, while the lie angle of the RTX Zipcore wedge is 64.5 degrees.

In terms of bounce options, the CBX2 wedges have a broader range than the RTX Zipcore wedges.

Full-Face Grooves

Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges are available with full-face grooves, which provide forgiveness on toe-side misses and improve performance around the green. This feature is not present in the CBX wedge line.

Feel and Performance

The CBX2 wedges have a more conventional wedge feel compared to the original CBX wedges, providing a smooth and buttery feel when striking the ball. 

The CBX2 is designed to offer more control and precision, particularly for players using cavity back irons. 

The RTX wedges, being tour-inspired, are designed for players seeking a high level of control and workability, making them ideal for low handicappers and professionals.

Sole Grind Options

The RTX wedge line provides more sole grind options, allowing golfers to customize their wedges based on their playing style, course conditions, and personal preferences. 

The CBX wedges have fewer sole grind options, which may limit customization but still cater to a wide range of players and skill levels.

Aesthetics and Confidence

The CBX wedges feature a larger profile, which may inspire confidence for some golfers who prefer the look of cavityback clubs. 

The low profile of the RTX wedges may be more appealing to golfers who prefer a sleeker, blade-style appearance.


The CBX2 wedges are priced slightly lower than the RTX wedges, with the CBX2 priced at $139.99 for steel and $149.99 for graphite, while the RTX-4 is priced at $159.99 for steel and $179.99 for graphite.

Cleveland CBX vs RTX Wedges: Which One To Choose?

For golfers who predominantly use cavity back irons and are looking for forgiveness, control, and a conventional wedge feel, the CBX wedge line would be a suitable choice. 

The CBX2, in particular, offers improved spin and feel compared to the original CBX.

For low-handicap golfers and professionals seeking the ultimate in feel, control, and versatility, the RTX wedge line is the ideal choice. 

The muscleback design, sole grind options, and traditional appearance make these wedges suitable for players looking for high levels of workability and precision.


How does the performance of RTX and CBX wedges differ on the course?

RTX wedges, with their variety of grinds and loft options, can offer more spin and control, which can be beneficial on the course for experienced players. The CBX wedges, however, offer more forgiveness and are designed to blend better with cavity back irons, which can help improve overall performance for average or high-handicap players.

Which wedge type is better for beginners: Cleveland RTX or CBX?

CBX wedges are generally better suited for beginners. They have a more forgiving design that is easier to handle, making them an excellent choice for those starting out or with higher handicaps.

What technology is unique to Cleveland RTX wedges?

Cleveland RTX wedges feature Tour Zip Grooves and a more aggressive face milling that helps to increase spin consistency. They also provide a variety of grind options for better versatility in various course conditions.

What technology is unique to Cleveland CBX wedges?

CBX wedges utilize a cavity back design, which redistributes weight to the perimeter of the club, increasing its forgiveness. They also feature a Dual V-Sole that improves turf interaction for cleaner and more consistent shots.

Can both the Cleveland RTX and CBX wedges be custom fit?

Yes, both Cleveland RTX and CBX wedges can be custom fit to match your swing and style of play. It’s always a good idea to get fitted for your wedges to ensure optimal performance.

Which Cleveland wedge is best for improving the short game?

Both can be effective for improving your short game, but it really depends on your skill level and style of play. The RTX may be better for lower-handicap golfers who desire more control and versatility, while the CBX may be better for higher-handicap golfers who require more forgiveness and consistency.