KBS Tour Lite vs Tour 90 Shafts: Which is Right for You?

The KBS Tour Lite and KBS Tour 90 are both popular steel golf shafts designed for players seeking enhanced performance. However, there are some key differences between the two shafts.

The main difference between KBS Tour Lite and Tour 90 golf shafts is their weight, with Tour Lite weighing slightly more at 105g compared to Tour 90’s 102g. Both shafts offer lightweight performance, but Tour Lite provides a more marketable nomenclature.

However, there are more; let’s explore them all-

KBS Tour Lite vs Tour 90 Shafts

KBS Tour lite Vs Tour 90 Golf Shaft: What Are The Differences?

CriteriaKBS Tour LiteKBS Tour 90
Weight and Flex Options95g/R, 100g/S, 105g/XS90g/R, 102g/S
Launch and Ball FlightHigher launching, faster speedMore spin, higher trajectory
Swing Speed SuitabilityAccommodates various speedsEstablished a reputation for performance
Material and ConstructionLightweight steelHigh-quality steel
Shaft ProfileSimilar bend profile, higher launchSoft tip, higher center of gravity
Market PerceptionNewer, innovative designEstablished reputation for performance

Weight and Flex Options

KBS Tour Lite flex options

The KBS Tour Lite is a newer, lightweight steel shaft and is 20% lighter than the KBS Tour Shaft. 

The KBS Tour Lite is available in three weight and flex options: 95g/Regular (R), 100g/Stiff (S), and 105g/Extra Stiff (X). 

In contrast, the KBS Tour 90 is the lightest shaft in the KBS lineup before the introduction of Tour Lite. 

The KBS Tour 90 is available in two weight options: 90g/Regular (R) and 102g/Stiff (S). The Tour Lite’s wider range of options makes it a more versatile choice for different player types.

Launch and Ball Flight

The KBS Tour Lite is designed to provide the same signature Tour feel in a lightweight package, resulting in increased distance due to added carry yardage and faster swing speeds. 

The Lite shafts produce a faster ball speed, and the C-Taper Lite, in particular, launches and flights shots higher with a steeper descent angle. 

The KBS Tour 90, on the other hand, is designed to give players more spin, a higher trajectory, and greater swing speeds.

However, the Tour Lite’s higher launching and faster ball speed properties make it a more suitable option for golfers looking to optimize their ball flight.

Swing Speed Suitability

The KBS Tour Lite shafts are designed for various swing speeds. The Regular flex is suitable for players with swing speeds under 80 MPH, the Stiff flex for those in the 90 MPH range, and the Extra Stiff flex for 100+ MPH swingers. 

The KBS Tour 90 shaft is an excellent choice for players with a smooth tempo, regardless of their swing speed. 

The key is to maintain a deliberate transition, as aggressive swings can result in a limp feel and erratic shots. 

In this aspect, the Tour Lite offers more flexibility for various swing speeds, making it a more accommodating option for a broader range of golfers.

Material and Construction

Both the KBS Tour Lite and the KBS Tour 90 shafts are made from high-quality steel materials. 

However, the KBS Tour Lite is a 20% lighter version of the KBS Tour Shaft, making it an excellent choice for golfers seeking a lighter feel without compromising performance.

 On the other hand, the KBS Tour 90, while still considered a lightweight shaft, is heavier than the Tour Lite. 

The difference in weight between the two shafts can impact players’ swing speeds and overall performance.

Shaft Profile

The KBS Tour Lite has a similar bend profile to the KBS Tour 90 but with a higher launch, according to KBS. 

This means that while both shafts have a relatively similar feel, the Tour Lite’s higher launching characteristic can help players achieve better distance and more optimal ball flights. 

The KBS Tour 90, on the other hand, is known for its soft tip and higher center of gravity, which helps players get the ball in the air with more distance. 

Despite these differences, both shafts offer a smooth and responsive feel, catering to the preferences of various players.

Market Perception

The KBS Tour Lite is a newer shaft, introduced in 2022, and has already gained popularity among golfers due to its lightweight and high-performance characteristics. 

Meanwhile, the KBS Tour 90 has been a popular choice among golfers for its lightweight design and excellent performance for players with a smooth tempo. 

Both shafts have earned their respective reputations in the golf industry, but the Tour Lite’s more recent introduction and innovative design make it an attractive option for golfers seeking the latest in golf shaft technology.

KBS Tour 90 vs Tour lite: Which KBS Golf Shaft To Choose?

Both the KBS Tour Lite and the KBS Tour 90 shafts offer excellent performance characteristics, but the better option for you will depend on your individual swing speed, tempo, and playing style.

The better option between the KBS Tour Lite and the KBS Tour 90 depends on your personal preferences and playing style. 

If you are looking for a lightweight shaft with a higher launch and faster swing speeds, the KBS Tour Lite may be the better choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you have a smooth tempo and prefer a slightly heavier shaft, the KBS Tour 90 could be a better fit. 

It is essential to try both shafts and determine which one suits your unique swing and performance requirements.