PXG 0211 Vs PING G410: Which Golf Irons Should You Buy?

Nowadays, a ton of golf irons are available on the market for different kinds of golf players. PXG 0211 and PING G410 are two of them. But you may be confused about PXG 0211 vs PING G410; which one should you choose?

The major difference between a PXG 0211 iron and a PING G410 iron is that the PING G410 is more forgiving than the PXG 0211 iron. But the PXG 0211 might be the more suitable one for beginners.

However, this might be the most straightforward answer to the question. But, if you want to know it in detail, you must go through this entire article. In this article, we’ll discuss the features and the differences between Pxg 0211 and Ping G410 irons. 

Overview Of the PXG 0211 golf irons

A PXG 0211 iron comes with a premium look and a hollow body construction that makes it more durable and stable than other PXG models. It’s a game improvement iron that offers deep CG (Center of Gravity). 

These irons are also admirable for their extra forgiveness and high moment of inertia (MOI). The carbon steel construction of the clubhead with an internal honeycomb polymer layer offers less vibration and a soft feel and sound. 

Pxg 0211 irons also come with an adjustable hosel feature that makes them more beginner friendly. Besides, these irons offer plenty of shaft options, and they are made of titanium. 

Good Sides 

  • High MOI (Moment of Inertia)
  • Amazing feel and sound
  • Extra forgiveness
  • Adjustable hoseles
  • Deep center of gravity
  • Honeycomb polymer layer
  • A number of shaft options 
  • Higher ball speed 


  • Comparatively more expensive
  • Lower distance 

Overview Of the PING g410  golf irons

Ping G410 is a player’s look irons and great for getting more distance. The tungsten weighting feature around the edges and in the toe helps to get increased ball speed, super distance, and excellent feedback. 

This is usually a versatile golf irons, as it not only looks good and feels great, but it also ensures enhanced performance on the ground. Adjustable hostels and back weight help get around the maximum amount of mis-hits.

Therefore, the G410 irons are usually made of T9S titanium, which allows them to get more distance and ball speed. They also come with larger sweet spots and lower center of gravity. 

Good Sides 

  • Adjustable weights and hostels
  • Tungsten weight technology
  • T9S titanium clubhead
  • Increased ball speed and distance
  • Higher MOI
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Lower center of gravity


  • Slightly unworkable for golfers with high swing speed
  • Comparatively poor durability

pxg 0211 vs ping g410: Comparison Table

It may seem difficult to choose between two leading golf irons such as PXG 0211 and PING g410. So, here is a comparison chart about the key features of PING g410 and PXG 0211 irons. 

Criteria PXG 0211 PING G410 
Ball Speed161 mph 147 mph
Head Mass 206 gm204 gm
Standard Length 45 inches 45 inches 
Shaft flexions 53
Club dexterity Left and right Left and right 

What Are The Differences Between pxg 0211 and ping g410?

Basically, the differences between Pxg 0211 and Ping G410 are quite negligible. Therefore, the key differences between these two are going to be described below:


In terms of distance, pxg 0211 irons have a shorter distance length compared with the ping g410 irons. A pxg 0211 iron will let you cover 280-315 yards, while a ping g410 iron can hit the ball for 400-445 yards. 

Feel and Sound 

Both of these irons have a great sound quality and feel. But the pxg 0211 irons include some unparalleled features that make them slightly different from the ping g410 irons. 

As we said before, a honeycomb polymer layer has been injected inside each face of the pxg 0211 irons. This feature makes it more solid and produces a warmer sound than the ping g410.  

But when it comes to feel, both of them perform almost equally. The titanium hollow face construction lets them give a soft and sound feel while hitting the ball. 


In terms of forgiveness, ping g410 irons will be more forgiving than the pxg 0211 irons. This is because the g410 irons have larger sweet spots and higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) than the pxg 0211 irons.  

Lie and Loft

Another important feature to discuss about pxg 0211 and ping g410 is their lie and loft. The following tables will highlight the differences between their lie and loft options.

PXG 0211 lie and loft: 

Iron LieLoft

Ping g410 lie and loft: 



The possible price of golf irons usually depends on its features, technologies, and performance. In this way, ping g410 irons are slightly more expensive than the pxg 0211 irons. 

pxg 0211 or ping g410: Which Golf irons  To choose?

Pxg 0211 can be a great choice for mid to high handicap golfers. This is because it has a deep center of gravity and higher moment of inertia. It is also a good choice for those who want to get great performing irons at a cheap rate. 

On the other hand, ping g410 irons  are the best for amateur golfers and players who are struggling with their spin rate and shots. The larger sweet spot of these irons let  the golfers hit the ball accurately and send it further.

After overall discussion, we can consider pxg 0211 and ping g410 golf irons as game improvement and player friendly irons. But as per my opinion, I would prefer PXG 0211 irons because of their cheap rate, great performance, and excellent distance. 


Are you still struggling to figure out any one of these two golf irons? Well, the most common questions related to pxg 0211 vs ping g410 are listed below: 

Do pxg 0211 and ping g410 are beginner-friendly irons? 

Yes, the pxg 0211 and ping g410 both of them are beginner-friendly golf irons. The buttery feel and sound of these irons make them great for beginners. Therefore, their higher ball speed, distance, accuracy, and larger sweet spot are noticeable as beginner friendly golf irons.   

Is pxg 0211 faster than ping g410? 

The simplest answer to this question is yes. Pxg 0211 irons are usually faster than the ping g410 irons. This is because the pxg 0211 irons have more swing speed than the ping g410 irons.  

Is pxg 0211 or ping g410 the easiest golf irons to hit straight?   

Among pxg 0211 and ping g410 irons, the g410 will be the easiest golf irons to hit straight. Because, these irons are featured with larger sweet spots and adjustable hostels and weights. 

Which is more accurate between ping g410 and pxg 0211? 

Between ping g410 and pxg 0211, the ping 0211 irons will produce more accurate shots. Because these irons have larger sweet spots than pxg 0211 irons. 

Is pxg 0211 better than ping g410?

When it comes to ball speed or accuracy, pxg 0211 golf irons will be better than ping g410 irons. But in terms of forgiveness, ping g410 irons are slightly better then pxg 0211.